The Muslim representation

Of power, disempowerment and the prospect of a community



The disempowerment of Kashmiri Muslims is now almost complete. The most-recent press release of Kashmir High Court Bar Association (KHCBA) underscores this macabre reality, amply.  In the recent selection of 38 judicial officers, “only seven are from the valley”. And “out of five judges alleviated to the bench in the High Court of J&K only one representation is given to the Muslim majority community”, claims KHCBA.  The learned fraternity of lawyers has reached a somewhat distressing conclusion: “the overall representation of Kashmiris in the judiciary has come down to 25% at present, which reveals the sinister design to weed out the Kashmiri Muslim representation in the judiciary”.
At a most critical juncture of history, call it travesty of time or ill-fate of Kashmir, the responsibility fell on Sheikh Abdullah’s unreliable shoulders to guide the nation towards the safety of shores. Sheikh Abdullah during his lifetime never failed to over-emphasize that in 1947 Kashmir under his leadership had rejected the two-nation theory---the logic of that time---and instead had opted for--- rather wholeheartedly--- secular India. He was so gullible or else he was entrapped by Nehru’s dubious charm, whatever; the idea of secularism ultimately proved to be a mere mirage.  The genuineness of Indian secularism however dawned on Sheikh succinctly in 1953. The so called secular polity of India found it hard to accommodate the autonomous character of Kashmir. In 1953 an elected Prime Minister was sent packing to obscurity.  Narendra Modi author of Gujarat pogrom is about to become the mascot of Indian secularism, in such an eventuality the dark future of Kashmir is not difficult to anticipate.
 Kashmir is too complex a situation. Yet, (after the departure of Sheikh) in case someone has to be singled out for the abyss Kashmir is deeply trapped in presently; obviously it is Farooq Abdullah. Son and successor has proved to be a blot on Sheikh’s otherwise controversial legacy. Had he not fully given up the idea of a democratic struggle when dictatorial Indira Gandhi made him the target of her unlimited ire, perhaps Kashmir would have not lost all the grace? Had he not learnt the art of forging dirty compromises and withstood his political ground, probably the floodgates for an armed struggle would not have been opened. Perhaps Kashmir would not have gone through a painful journey of a hell, at all.  Sheikh’s progeny turned out to be pettier than the Sheikh itself. In the process Kashmir not only loses its political character as well as the voice, it has been deprived of its common political outlook also.                                  
Quite often, power- hungry politicians blame Hurriyat leadership for the present mess. Had these small-minded power brokers been little bit circumspect about their responsibilities, they could have well capitalized the Hurriyat’s anti India struggle to force New Delhi to restore the autonomous character of Kashmir. Instead, whatever little left of autonomy, today stands completely eroded under the aegis of fully Indianised Abdullah parivar. “National Conference can never dream of going with the party that is projecting Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate” declares Omar Abdullah.  While justifying National Conference’s unholy alliance with NDA, Omar Abdullah said that “We were able to tie up with the NDA because it was headed by somebody like Atal Behari Vajpayee”. What a masterstroke, or an act of selective forgetting? Wasn’t he the same Vajpayee who along with Advani, then deputy Prime Minister, had rejected the autonomy resolution passed by the state legislature by two-third majority, even without looking at it? And despite such a humiliating treatment, did the father and son duo muster any courage to withdraw their support to NDA.  And who is Mr. Advani, is he not the real ideologue of Hindutva, the wrecker-in-chief of Babri Masjid. If National Conference can sleep with Advani, therefore it should have no moral qualms in having any opportunistic relationship with Modi.  NC have anything to do with Modi apparently may sound shocking. When NC had struck an alliance with BJP led NDA, people of Kashmir were equally shocked even then also.  Looking at the history of Babri Masjid demolition, the crimes of Advani seems to be as bad as those of Modi. In case it serves the interests of Abdullah family, why only Modi they can even have an alliance with a devil.
Indian leaders never miss a chance to ridicule Pakistan.  It astonishes the way Pt. Nehru bears-open his deep contempt for Pakistan in a conversation with Josef Korbel; “Pakistan however is developing today as an Islamic feudal state, its backward, reactionary”.  Mind it that meeting took place probably in July 1948, barely few months after the partition. Lo and behold, Nehru had already made his mind in such a short span of time; it only speaks volumes about his preconceived notions. In case India under Modi acts and behaves as a Hindu Rashtra, the moral high ground India tends to acquire as a secular state is bound to come crumbling down to earth.  Then on what moral ground can India preach Muslim majority J&K not to join Pakistan? Meanwhile rulers are worried that highly educated boys are joining militancy. Weren’t they also rejoicing that good number of Kashmir youth have qualified for the Indian Civil Services? What a profound dilemma?  Whatever the truth, however Kashmir finds itself fully suffocated. After-all pent-up feeling have to find an outlet.       

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