Education, compromise and employment

There’s no point in complaining about our misfortunes



“Education is about acquiring knowledge and enlightenment and Employment is a tool to achieve objectives and needs of life” Almighty purposefully made man greedy, because had he not been greedy, we definitely would not have been where we are at present. This greediness was exhibited by man throughout the course of history and will continue in the years to come. Necessity is the mother of invention. The wants of man are unlimited. When a particular want is satisfied, another arises.
For example, early man invented the wheel. Initially, in its crude form, it made communication easier for him, then he made modifications in it and now we see the wheel everywhere in its modified form, be it the giant wheel of a turbine, be it the tiny wheel of a watch, be it the wheel of a racing car, be it the wheel of a train or be it the wheel of an airplane, we have wheels in every sphere of life styled in various ways to meet different demands.
Thus, had early man been contended with what he had, progress would have been a distant dream. When we look around, no one seems satisfied with whatever he has. A peon wants to become a clerk, and the clerk yearns to be a supervisor. And the hierarchy of dissatisfaction goes on. Even the bureaucrats, technocrats and statesmen have complains and unfulfilled dreams. Thus, almost everyone seems to be dissatisfied in this materialistic and competitive world.
There is no denying the fact that competition is healthy because it prevents stagnation and brings progress and prosperity. However, we often tend to be too worried and annoyed about ourselves and we often curse ourselves. Sometimes even we don’t spare the Almighty, abusing Him for his creation and deeds.
Unfortunately, we often fail to realize what we have in our hands until it ceases to be under our control. ‘Health is wealth’ is a famous phrase, however, we realize the nobility of this statement whenever we are diseased and the moment we recover, we forget everything. Only a blind man knows the value of his eyes. This discontentment is often reflected in our prayers. We always ask more and more from Almighty and rarely intentionally thank Him for whatever he has given us.
We should always try hard to achieve excellence in all phases and walks of life, but in the process we should not lose the essence of life. This life is ephemeral. At the most we live till 70. Beyond 70, life is a burden and it won’t give us a second chance. Sometimes one finds oneself in a position when he gets much lesser than what he thinks he or she deserves in life. In such cases the best option is compromise. One has to compromise with his fate, because there are no other options. There is no point in complaining about ones misfortunes.
For example, a PhD in microbiology candidate lands in an office as a clerk. There is no point in complaining and cursing the fate, because at the end of the day, employment is just a source of income to live and enjoy life. And the purpose of education is acquiring knowledge and enlightenment. No doubt, it’s ideal if one gets a job commensurate with his degree, because in that case he applies what he has studied. But being in another field with a job in hand is far better than sitting idle.
Some may argue: why should a PhD in microbiology end up landing in an office as a clerk? Because, the fact is he did not get a job in microbiology, means he is not needed there. The day he is needed he will automatically go there in case he feels. What is the point in cursing and abusing ones fate in the garb of giving oneself undue importance? At this stage it’s better for the PhD candidate to equate himself with his fellow colleagues, who are merely graduates, rather than trying to be different. This attitude will only breed loneliness, and the person would find himself alienated and isolated. One has to adapt in the prevailing circumstances.
The goal of students ideally should have been set at the early days of their career. Mostly students want to become medicos, engineers, and civil servants etc. However, due to various unavoidable constraints, students land in unthinkable circumstances, colleges and professions. In that case and due to the present mindset they become victims of depression. Thus apart from having a career in mind, students should have a purpose in mind. What is the purpose of life? What is the essence of life? What does life demand?  How should a person spend his life? This will make things much simpler and decrease the stress of the overburdened students. It will also promote self-employment among the unemployed youth.

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