Dreams never Die

Dreams rekindle the flames of light



In case morality dies, is it possible for spirituality to live on? German friends are in town. Despite their seemingly upfront refusal to respect our aspirations and recognise our freedom struggle, they are welcome to be our guests. Germans have a knack of excellence that is reason why Germany is known to be a leading nation in precision technology--- “Germany is the world's third largest exporter with $1.408 trillion exported in 2011”. Moreover Germany is also “largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and fifth by GDP (PPP) in 2008”.  The excellent German acumen and their great proficiency in the field of science and technology may however also be their worst weakness.
Feelings and emotions, sentiments and aspirations, are not material constructs. That’s reason why the industrialised societies even after having acquired the scientific excellence are still challenged by innumerable mysteries of (unlimited) vastness of mind. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had declared, “God is dead” in late nineteenth century, 1883 precisely; obviously modern Germany too is no exception in finding it difficult to negotiate some of the innate human feelings.  Some of the intense human emotions and feelings are even beyond the scope of ordinary life-cycle.  Idea of freedom inspires every human being. How this pristine human sentiment is capable of subduing the immeasurable material superiority, still confronts the Western mind. And how a dream can live beyond the life-cycle of the dreamer is more of a challenge for a society steeped in the supremacy of material. Thus how can we make understand our German guests that a dream never dies?
Majority of the real freedom lovers in Kashmir are not anti India per se. Yet idea of freedom excites us more than our life; sacrifice of tens of thousands of Kashmiris in pursuit of freedom bears witness to this very fact. India is an emerging power. Without getting overawed or enticed by India’s march towards progress --- we wish India all the best in its journey towards prosperity--- majority here in Kashmir is hardly prepared to abandon the idea of freedom.  A German ambassador busy organising a musical extravaganza or a US ambassador playing a basketball in a local school, aiming to paint a picture of all-is-well, will neither deter us from pursing our most cherished goal, nor it’s going to overwhelm us. On the contrary, the double standards of the so-called civilised world, invokes in us a steely determination. Left fully alone; either we have to perish or win on our own.   When in history a struggle for freedom and justice in order to succeed has been dependent upon the support of so-called powers? History informs us that struggling masses have always earned their freedom despite repression. West including Germany condoning severe injustices is not a new revelation; it hardly is of any consequence. Provided the resistance in Kashmir is based upon the just principles of freedom and equality.
Nor we are complaining, in our peaceful pursuit for Azadi, neither we seek any support from the powers to be. Our predicament however is; how to explain the poetic expressions of dream, in Urdu, to our German guests.  The government appointed local cultural experts may take some trouble to explain the real impart of few Urdu couplets quoted below. First a small personal anecdote; in 1996, over the title of a book I had a serious disagreement with my biographer. Owing to my own fallacies during that period of time: I was under a wrong notion that dream of Azadi somehow has got shattered. The following couplet of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, then wholly occupied my mind: Tum nahak sheeshay chun chun kar; daaman mein chhupaye baithey ho. Sheeshon ka maseeha koyee nahiin kya aas lagaye baithey ho.   Faiz echoed my sentiment in above quoted couplet: Broken glass can never be pieced again; scattered glass has no messiah, forget the false hopes. Therefore I suggested “shattered dreams” as the title of the book.  As book was written mainly for Indian audience, my biographer friend prevailed upon and the book was published as “Death of dreams”. I could then only realize that dreams for the worst get shattered, only. Dreams never die and I came across the most inspiring poem of Ahmad Faraz:
 Khwab Dil Hain Na Ankhen Na Sansen Ki Jo
Reza-Reza Hue To Bikhar Jayenge
Jism Ki Maut Se Ye Bhi Mar Jayenge
Khwab Marte Nahin
Khwab To Roshni Hain, Nava Hain, Hava Hain
Jo Kale Pahadon Se Rukte Nahin
Zulm Ki Dozakhon Se Bhi Phukte Nahin
Roshni Aur Nava Aur Hava K Alam
Maqtalon Main Pohunch Kar Bhi Jhukte Nahin
Khwab To Harf Hain
Khwab To Nur Hain
Khwab Suqraat Hain
Khwab Mansoor Hain.     
Dreams are not the organic matter; heart and eyes. Or puff of air that we inhale that can be   shattered, easily. And dreams never die along with the death of a man. Dreams are like blessed beckon of light; these are neither winds nor sound, so that mighty mountains of tyranny can obstruct their path. Even the hell-fire of oppression is incapable of destroying the dreams. The beam of light, the music of rising tides and winds bearing the flag of freedom, can never be suppressed or trampled, in the killing-fields of carnage. Dreams are pious ideas; dreams rekindle the flames of light that enables destruction of darkness of oppression.  Socrates' wisdom echoes the dream of oppressed. Dreams are the courage of Mansoor; he kissed the ropes in pursuit of Truth. And we too have a dream. Come what may, we will continue to pursue the path of truth and freedom. The God of Europe might be dead. For us Allah alone is our saviour: “our Lord, the Exalted, the Blessed, is the Ever Living Who never dies.   


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