JKCC concerned over raids, ‘attack’ on special status

A statement by JKCC said “a war of nerves” has been set in motion on every front on the populace of Kashmir- be it physical, mental or psychological.

Srinagar, Publish Date: Aug 21 2017 12:31AM | Updated Date: Aug 21 2017 12:31AM
JKCC concerned over raids, ‘attack’ on special statusRepresentational Pic

The Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC), an umbrella body of trade and civil society members, has said that “methods, powers which have recently been unleashed on the people of Jammu and Kashmir should be viewed with concern and alarm.” 

A statement by JKCC said “a war of nerves” has been set in motion on every front on the populace of Kashmir- be it physical, mental or psychological. 

“For past several years youth as well as political leadership are being targeted on various pretexts with an aim to malign their image and credibility. It is still fresh in the minds of the people that how the youth across Kashmir were maimed, blinded and killed during the year 2016 and the same continues unabated,” the statement said.  

 “The recent actions against businessmen are some food for thought in this direction. The job is cut out for these agencies to sully the reputation and images of these businessmen and leaders on the pretext of so called accountability process,” the statement said.

“It is ironical to note that selected media accompanies these raid parties with an intention to spiral these so called raids into media trials with wider persecution and vilification. Giving the framed persons any name has become a fair game. It seems that the vilification campaign unleashed by media has tacit support of the government Let us make it clear that such media trials do not change the heart of anyone in J&K against their leaders and own people. JKCC strongly objects and protests against these uncivil tactics against the citizens and leaders in Kashmir,” the statement said.   

JKCC said the aim and objective of this “vilification campaign” is to disempower the state of its special powers and privileges.  

“Notwithstanding 46 amendments extended to the state in past seven decades through illegal and deceitful manner, the present state government has been complacent to facilitate extension of GST law into the state thereby compromising on its fiscal autonomy and surrendering its sovereignty. The JKCC is not going to rest till the presidential order is withdrawn, the deceitful GST law is rolled back and state is declared as Free Economic Zone,” the statement said.

“Another threat in the shape of Article 35 A is being held out at us and is looming large on our heads is nothing but for destroying and demolishing the very identity of the inhabitants of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,” JKCC statement said. “We, at the JKCC, are confident that the people of all these regions will rise against it and shall never allow this to happen,” it said.

“We suggest to the governments both at the state level as well as the central level to drop the confrontational attitude against the people of J&K including their leaders and business community. We also suggest to put a stop on the raids by ED and NIA whose legality and jurisdiction is doubtful under Article 370. The government should see the writing on the wall and take such steps and adopt such measures which will make things to move in the right direction,” the JKCC statement said.


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