Make the findings public

The authorities are under a legal and moral obligation to make the probe findings public

Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 11 2017 10:29PM | Updated Date: Jan 11 2017 10:29PM

Justice (R) ML Koul deserves praise for taking the probe into 2010 killings to logical end. The report has been handed over to the Chief Minister last week for action against the killers. However, the report has not been made public yet which has raised a number of questions. The victim families feel the authorities seem all set to repeat history. According to them, the report is likely to be sent to archives for gathering dust. Their pessimism is not totally unfounded. The father of Tufail Mattoo approached for a copy of the report but it was denied for trivial reasons. He was told that the report comprised hundreds of pages and could not, therefore, be given to him. He even offered to pay the Xerox charges, but all in vain. Nothing can justify withholding the report. The very object of the enquiry commissions is to ensure transparency. And, when an enquiry report is concealed sometimes in the garb of so-called national interest and at times for shielding the men in uniform, questions about its credibility do arise. Thousands of probes have been ordered to establish truth since 1947. Most of the probes were never completed. And, when a probe was completed, the findings were never made public. The truth, therefore, has been a casualty in Kashmir from the very beginning. The authorities have resorted to tampering the probe findings many a time. Even forensic samples have been changed for shielding the perpetrators who more often than not happen to be the men in uniform. The people of Kashmir have been given to believe that the probes are ordered to assuage public anger. The victim families, therefore, have every reason to go public against the authorities and the commission. The authorities are under a legal and moral obligation to make the probe findings public without further delay. If the victim families have approached the commission for a copy of the report, it means they still have faith in such exercises. The authorities need to understand this.