The Majestic Saint

The poet, the philosopher, the patriot

Fahad shehjar
Publish Date: Oct 12 2012 12:00PM

A person who explores and realizes one’s own self can understand rest of the baffling enigmas of the universe. And it is starkly visible since ages that the people who instigate such a quest within themselves are born but a few. Andamong such people is the name of the majestic Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor ud Din (R.A.) commonly known in Kashmir as Nund Rishi. He is one of the pioneers and most fabled mystic poet and scholar of Kashmir. His poetic genius which he used to revolutionize the Kashmiri civilization is an indelible and ineffable asset to the Kashmiri culture. He chose poetry as a tool to disseminate his flawless thoughts among people to make their lives more meaningful. His aching love for his motherland and for his people is conspicuously seen springing from his poetry for he loved his motherland; his ceaseless efforts had a profound impact on the Kashmiri civilization. Nund Rishi was 30 when he withdrew himself from the clamours mobs of his locality and headed towards the forest to live in hermitage for he had in no way any inclination for the worldly possessions and pleasures. He remained there for 12 years to get enlightened. After 12 years, he came back with the mind-set that one has to defeat Satan in the everyday affairs; So he returned back to his dwelling and spent the rest of his life there.
By bowing down thou shall never become a rishi; the pounder in the rice mill did not ever rise up its head.
By entering a cave, God cannot be attained: the mongoose and the rat seldom come out of their holes.
By bathing the mind will not be cleansed: the fish and otter never ascend the bank.
If God was just pleased by fasting, the indigent rarely cook food in pots.
He incontrovertibly believed that evil and good cannot harbour the same heart at the same time, for only pure hearts can receive the divine light. One must in all aspects of his life absorb the piousness and taste the real essence of religion. The clod that God fashioned from viscous tinkling clay is enormously fecund and fertile for both virtue as well as evil to flourish within it. So, all depends on the man that whatever he chooses to plant in his being shall sprout and bloom with due course of time.
Every year hundreds of thousands of the devotees swarm the shrine of this baronial mystic to attend the urs; to express their love and honour towards Him. But have we ever contemplated that are we sincere devotees, do we pay heed to the sayings of this saint. He invited people towards honesty and brotherhood, towards peace and tranquillity and above all, the care and love of each other. If one is truly a devotee of Nund rishi he must express his love for him in his ways of living and not just mere saying, for actions speak louder than words.
“Although the commentary of the tongue makes all clear, yet tongueless love is clearer” (Rumi)….

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