Delicious Suicide!!!

Adulterated food puts our lives to risk

Bashir Ahmed Bashir (Sr. Adv)
Publish Date: Dec 12 2012 12:00PM

Holy book of democracy is called “Constitution” which guarantees certain rights and one amongst them is right to life and liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. As far as right to liberty is concerned it needs a separate space to be discussed because as far as the Valley is concerned we have coined a word “Un Declared Curfew”, which in legal parlance is unknown in any part of the world. Hence we can safely claim its credit in the whole world without any one to compete us or challenge us.
When section 144 of Cr.P.C is imposed by any Dy. Commissioner it legally means assembly of five or more persons is prohibited, but does not restrict the movement of any individual. Yet when a cop on road stops people from walking or moving, you ask him the reason and he will reply; it is un-declared curfew!
Since I wanted to address the right to life it needs hardly a mention that human life is very precious irrespective of the fact whether a human being is living in the heart of the city or in some remote area or on a hill top and the State under the Constitution has a legal obligation to protect the life and property of its citizens. It is a known secret now that adulterated and highly injurious food stuff is being sold in the market, right from milk down to spices, endangering the precious human lives irrespective of age, religion, region, color, creed, and sex; yet the State machinery is least bothered to attend to this menace, hence none is punished.
Adulteration of eatables has reached to an alarming level and most of the people are now suffering from life threatening diseases like cancer etc. which amounts to committing suicide, which was never intended. Central government has passed a law called as Food Safety & Standard Act of 2006 which is applicable to the State of J&K also and in terms of the said Act adulteration of food items has been made punishable from Section 43 to section 59 in which punishment varies from imposing a fine from Rs.1.00 Lac to Rs 5.00 lac as well as imprisonment from one year up to life, depending upon the kind of adulteration and its effects on human consumption. For checking this gruesome crime, the Act speaks of appointment of Food Commissioner, creation of food testing laboratories, appointment of qualified Food analysts etc. this all is done to ensure the protection of the precious lives of the people. Yet for the last six years when law came into being nothing seems to have been done, with the result adulteration, that too most injurious to health, is going on unabated. Few days before police claimed to have seized a huge quantity of sheep dung in South Kashmir that was meant for being mixed with tea. I am deliberately hesitating to mention what nasty stuffs are being reportedly used in adulteration process yet the rulers are in deep slumber. We need to have scientifically well-equipped laboratories at each district headquarter, which must be manned by highly qualified, and most importantly honest, analysts who will not bargain the lives of the people for fattening their pockets. People need to be assured that they will not be forced to commit un intended suicides through slow poisoning process by adulterer food stuffs. Tall claims of progress are nothing short of mockery when one does not know even what he is taking in his daily life is safe or not. Yet the government seems least concerned to address itself to this burning issue.

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