Gupta terms PDP a rudderless ship

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Nov 12 2012 12:00PM

Jammu, Nov 11: Provincial President of National Conference Jammu province Rattan Lal Gupta Sunday termed PDP as a rudderless ship which according to him was frustrated to see the edifice collapsing on its face.
 “Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and his daughter Mehbooba Mufti have already promised MLC seats to 165 people in Jammu province making a laughing stock of themselves and are befooling the people of Jammu province. PDP have now realized that while they were spending summers in Jammu they have lost their ground in Kashmir,” Gupta said.
 In a statement, he said the “recent bogey of corruption” raised by the PDP is just to divert the attention of the public. “People have not forgotten 2002 -2005 which was an era of corruption, nepotism and favoritism and the misdeeds of their ministers is alive in the files of the government. I am confident that the government will bare them before the public at an appropriate time,” he said. 
 “Mufti Muhammad Sayeed who used to live in a dingy municipal flat in Jammu near Jogi Gate in 1975-76 has a lot to explain about his journey of last 40 years from that municipal flat to the luxuries of today. PDP and its leadership is power hungry and have no ideological bond and shall disintegrate under the weight of its own internal contradictions and lack of ideology,” he added.