Resistance leaders call for protests on Friday

“Since then they are brutalised, traumatised and throttled on one pretext or the other,” the statement said.

Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 12 2017 12:13AM | Updated Date: Jan 12 2017 12:13AM
Resistance leaders call for protests on FridayFile Photo

Strongly condemning the attack on Muslims in Kathua district of Jammu region, joint resistance leadership Wednesday appealed people to stage peaceful protests after Friday prayers to express solidarity with the victims of “vandalism and highhandedness of fascist forces in Jammu.”

According a statement issued here, the leaders - Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik - said the “hapless Jammu Muslims were living under fear for the last 70 years as their ancestors have been butchered mercilessly under the watchful eyes of the tallest traitor of this unfortunate land.”

“Since then they are brutalised, traumatised and throttled on one pretext or the other,” the statement said.

The leaders said that those raising cries on the plight of Jammu Muslims should introspect  to see the “mutilated face of their past and at that time their humanity had lost every sheen to act as mute spectators of massacre of more than five lakh Muslims, just for their craving for power.”

“These pro-Indian leaders always played the politics of death and destruction in tune with their masters to pave their way through to the power corridors and build their castles on our rubble,” the statement said.  “All of them climb to the chairs on our dead bodies and blaming each other as killers is an ample proof that how can the house harbouring butchers of hundreds of innocents be of any help in soothing the bleeding wounds of the victims.”

The leaders said that shedding crocodile tears, to prove their innocence, can never conceal their cleavers soaked in our blood. “Pro-freedom leaders said that Friday protests should convey a clear and loud message to the communal goons and their supporters that they should forget to see 2017 through the prism of 1947 and in case they even try to do so, it will be fought with iron hands,” the statement said.  “Whole populace of J&K is a single entity and pain or turbulence anywhere will be felt everywhere.”

They appealed Muslim clerics, Imams and Khatibs throughout the state to highlight this grave issue in their Friday sermons.