Shabir Shah for boycott of by-elections

Publish Date: Jan 12 2017 12:35AM | Updated Date: Jan 12 2017 12:35AM

Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah today appealed to the people to boycott the upcoming by-elections, saying “we have to make it clear that we have not forgotten the killers of our children”.

“Those dealing with pellets and bullets are killers, not our representatives. The whole world is keenly observing us as whether the people of Kashmir will boycott those pro-India elements whose hands are smeared with the blood of innocent people or collaborate with them,” Shabir Shah, who continues to be under house detention, said.

“No nation chooses the killers as its representatives nor supports them in any way. The upcoming parliamentary elections are a test for the people of Jammu Kashmir in general and those of south and central Kashmir in particular. We have to keep in view the sacrifices of all those killed and blinded during last year. Who can vote in favour of those who justify killings of innocent children by making ‘toffee’ remarks against them,” he said.

“We must realize as to how these power-hungry people are selling each and every inch of the state to outsiders, how they hatch conspiracies like settling the West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) and granting them domicile certificates in order to change the demography and Muslim majority status of the State, and how they are hell bent on implementing the RSS agenda in Jammu Kashmir,” he said.