Time not ripe for talks with India: Malik

‘Can’t expect BJP-led Govt to settle big issue like Kashmir’

Korag (Ganderbal), Publish Date: Nov 29 2015 11:50PM | Updated Date: Nov 29 2015 11:50PM
Time not ripe for talks with India: MalikGK Photo
A day after Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif indicated that his country is ready to hold unconditional dialogue with India, the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday said time is “not ripe” to hold any dialogue with New Delhi and “no one should beg for parleys.”
Talking to Greater Kashmir on the sidelines of a public rally in this central Kashmir district, Malik said: “I believe to knock the door of dialogue at this point of time is useless. Situation demands that all the stakeholders should remain firm on their resolve rather than surrendering before India.”
“Although we believe that dialogue is the only way out, it doesn’t mean we will beg for parleys. In fact not only us, no one should knock the door of India and beg for talks,” the JKLF Chief said. “People have lost faith in the institution of dialogue as bilateral talks between India and Pakistan have not yielded anything. Inclusion of Kashmiris in any sort of parleys is a must as Kashmir issue has to be resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of the people,” he added.
Malik claimed that India is in no mood to settle the Kashmir dispute and wants to strengthen its control over JK through its military might.  “Since the day BJP-led government has taken over the reins, it has created fear psychosis among minorities and small issues are being blown out of proportion. We cannot expect this government to settle a big issue like Kashmir as power has intoxicated the rulers and it has gone to their heads,” Malik said. 
Taking a dig at the international community, Malik said: “It’s unfortunate that international community is ignoring conflicts. The big nations need to introspect rather than turn a blind eye towards the victims of conflict. Big countries are busy safeguarding their business interests and don’t want to spoil their relations with India by asking it to settle the Kashmir dispute.” 
Malik said, “I want to remind the international community that Kashmir is a volcano which can erupt any time and engulf the entire South Asia. Prosperity is linked with peace. Unsettled Kashmir issue can push the entire world into a quagmire of uncertainty and has the potential to devastate economy of the big nations.”While referring to India, Malik said, “Kashmiris are not against the economic growth of India. While growing economically, India should remember the Roman empire, USSR and British empire. These powers ruined themselves by suppressing the freedom of small nations and countries. History stands testimony to the fact that military might and oppression never pay and no nation striving for its freedom has ever been defeated by oppressive measures.” 
Malik alleged that present regime has unleashed terror against youth and they are being arrested and harassed for taking part in pro-freedom protests. “Many youth from old city, Palhallan and other areas are languishing in jails and torture centres. If they are not released forthwith it can have far reaching consequences,” he said. “Many youth who were tortured during 2008 and 2010 unrest after coming out of jails picked up arms and revolted against the system. Present regime is committing the same mistake; it’s pushing youth to the wall.”     Earlier JKLF Chairman was welcomed by people as he reached Ganderbal. He led a procession from Behama to Korag in which a large number of youth, women, children and elders participated. At many places, women showered flower petals and sweets and welcomed Malik by raising pro-freedom slogans.