Captive breeding

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Nov 12 2012 12:00PM
This refers to the news "Captive Breeding of Hangul". Captive Breeding is a method of flourishing animals in captivity in controlled manner and with least human interference. It is one of the best practices to increase the dwindling populations of endangered animals throughout the world. Projects such as Crocodile Breeding Project, Project Elephant , Gir Lion Project, Project Tiger and many others have been launched successfully since 1970 in India. Kashmir Stag or Hangul (Cervus elaphus hanglu) is the state animal of Kashmir. Its current number is between 218 to 249 and is listed as an Endangered Species in the IUCN'S Red Data Book. Project Hangul was started in 1977 in Kashmir, but due to some political and social reasons it was not successful. Now it is high time to take steps to cultivate this only species of Red deer family in captivity. The Union MoEF has approved 22 crore rupees for Species Recovery Plan for five years under Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats program. The Multi-Crore Project funded by Central Zoo Authority of India for the conservation of Hangul at Shikargah Tral in Pulwama district should be operational in this season without any further delay.

Musaib Lateef
Checksari Pattan.