Congrats GK

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Oct 11 2012 12:00PM

It is pleasant to note that Greater Kashmir has added “Video News” to its web edition. The trial edition I watched on 7th November is professionally done, interesting and an informative video news roundup. This is indeed keeping pace with the requirements of the present age of Convergent Journalism and is surely going to help the web edition grow in strength; adding to its popularity. Today your readers, especially the middle age and younger generation, want to see and experience more in the form of Photos, Videos Graphics and Animation, rather reading long and unwinding pieces. This is not denying the fact that longer pieces have their own readership but the fact remains majority of the newspaper readers are people in a hurry who want to read the news and views in a glance. For them videos and photographs serve in a better way. Video News has an instant appeal and influence. Your endeavor to add video news update to the web edition is a welcome step and it works perfectly. The trail version, I hope, will now be replaced with regular video news on the web edition on daily basis. I wish Greater Kashmir team all the best for launching a perfect web edition, with more videos and photos done professionally on a regular basis.

Dr. Shahid Rasool
Director EMMRC
University of Kashmir