Shielding corrupt

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Dec 11 2012 12:00PM
This refers to article"Are coalitions corrupt?" by Dr. Gull Wani (GK 08/12/12).  Politics is the dirty game played by politicians and coalition governments are a part of this dirty game. Different political parties enter into unholy alliances by compromising on their respective political agendas. The only motive of coalition governments is to grab the corridors of power. Corruption and mis-governance are the highlighting features of coalition arrangements. Present NC-Congress coalition arrangement was formed due to this power hunger. NC used to call Congressmen as the worms of gutter. Now due to magic stick of coalition, these worms of gutter are hugged by NC cadres with deep respect. Coalitions regimes provide  safe shelter to corrupt ministers and bureaucrats. The most recent example in this respect is that of land grab issue of Taj Mohiodin. Look how he was shielded by NC government.

Syed Mohsin attiq
Daharmunah Budgam