Borewells go defunct in Bandipora

People face acute shortage of water

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Oct 11 2012 12:00PM

Bandipora: Most of the bore wells constructed by the authorities in various areas of the district have been rendered defunct due to lack of maintenance causing immense inconvenience to the inhabitants.  
 Locals said the borewells were constructed through the Ground Water Division. However most of these wells have been rendered defunct due to improper installation and lack of maintenance.
 They said the borewells were constructed during last four years in Mangnipora, Kanbathi, Kalosa, Ajas, Bhag, Kunan, Arin, Ongam and Quil.
 “In absence of maintenance coupled with lack of coordination between district administration and concerned department most of the wells have been rendered defunct,” the locals said.  
 They said according to norms hand pumps should be installed only after soil is dug 60-feet and water is declared fit for human consumption after proper tests.
 “But in blatant violation of norms concerned officials have laid the pipes just 20 feet deep which led to non-functioning of the wells. Ironically, the borewells were installed during night to camouflage the fraud,” they said. 
 Sources said the contractors were paid as per the work estimates. “The contractors managed to get payment as per the estimate in connivance with engineers of the concerned department,” they said.
 They said the matter was taken up with the senior officials of the district administration.
 “However, no step has been taken to restore the borewells or initiate action against the accused contractors. We appeal Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to order an inquiry into the matter,” they said.
 Executive Engineer Ground Water Division, Imtiyaz Kirmani, refuted the allegations.
 “Construction of borewells is being done by Drilling machinery and there is no scope of any violation. These machines automatically work according to the ecofer zone.
 The defunct borewells will be repaired soon as the officials from concerned territorial division have been trained for it,” he said.
 He said people should contact him if they have any complaints regarding the functioning of borewells.