Of 203 health institutions in Baramulla, 72 un-sanctioned

Run On Stopgap Arrangement Due To Lack Of Staff

Publish Date: Dec 12 2012 12:00PM

Baramulla, Dec 11: The percentage of un-sanctioned health institutions in Baramulla has reached an alarming stage, throwing the entire health sector into disarray in the district. Out of total 203 health institutions in the district, 72 are un-sanctioned which include 3 primary health centers, 68 sub-centers and the only maternity hospital in north Kashmir.
According to reports, all these un-sanctioned health centers are being run at the cost of sanctioned health centers. There has been no recruitment for these centers as the Directorate of Health has not sanctioned them. With the result, all these centers are being managed by staff of other centers through internal arrangement.
“Doctors and paramedics are allotted to these from the sanctioned centers,” said an official in Health department. According to reports, these institutions have been allotted by different politicians after demands by locals. These centers are now being operated at the cost of nearest sanctioned health centre as medicines and staff is diverted to the unsanctioned centers.
The internal arrangement, in turn, is taking its toll on the sanctioned health centers. The Maternity and Childcare hospital Sopore is the only maternity hospital in entire north Kashmir. However, the Health department has not sanctioned it. The result is that all the doctors, except a few who have been deployed through NRHM, and the paramedical staff are being arranged from other institutions.
As per records, 31702 patients visited the hospital in the past 11 months and 3772 patients were admitted in IPD. “Since the hospital is un-sanctioned, there is no permanent recruitment of the staff. Except NRHM doctors, all the doctors and the paramedics are being deployed through internal arrangement. This arrangement also affects those health institutions which are the actual places of posting of these doctors and paramedics,” said an official.
Around 9 doctors and more than 40 paramedics are working in this un-sanctioned maternity hospital.
Constructed at a cost of Rs 1.15 crore, primary health centre Pehlipora is without a doctor and paramedics for the past 5 years. Health department has recently deployed two paramedics in the centre through internal arrangement. The medical equipment like X-ray machine is non-operational since the health center was inaugurated.