Kashmiri migrant woman threatens to commit suicide with six kids


Publish Date: Oct 12 2012 12:00PM

Muzaffarabad, Oct 11: A Kashmiri migrant woman on Thursday urged President Asif Ali Zardari, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence agency of Pakistan to ensure release of her husband, who she alleged had been picked up by some sleuths earlier this week.
 Shahnaz Qazi, who spoke to media persons at Central Press Club here, threatened to commit suicide along with her six children, five of whom were accompanying her on the occasion, if her spouse, Qazi Muhammad Khushal, was not freed within five days.
 “I am incomplete without him. It’s my promise to my Creator that if he is not released within five days, I will commit suicide in front of the Press Club along with my children,” she said in a choked voice while holding a picture of her spouse.
 The couple, which lives at Manik Pehan-II refugee camp on the outskirts of Muzaffarabad, originally belongs to Tad village of Jammu Kashmir’s Karnah area, which borders with Pakistan administered Kashmir’s Leepa valley, some 100 kilometres southeast of here.
 After separately migrating to Muzaffarabad in 1990, they got married here after five years and have four sons and two daughters, eldest one studying in 9th grade.
 Khushal, who is in his late thirties, had been actively involved in militancy and, according to a reliable source in the same camp, his entire family had faced “repression at the hands of Indian army”.
 “Indian army had also announced a bounty of Rs 500,000 on Khushal’s head,” the source claimed.
 According to Ms Qazi’s account, her spouse had gone to Leepa Valley to offer condolences on the death of a relative and when he was returning from there on October 7 on his motorbike, he was whisked away by some intelligence agency sleuths.
 She told that Khushal was a cardiac patient and, on Tuesday, someone told her that he was admitted in the medical ward of (military run) Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayahan Hospital in critical condition.
 “When I went there after Maghrib prayers, I saw him lying on the bed with both of his handcuffed. He was profusely sweating and trembling. But the cruel uniformed and plainclothesmen did not let me stand by him even for two minutes,” she said.
 She said her efforts to revisit her husband turned out to be futile as in the meanwhile he was removed from the hospital.
 A teacher in the camp school, Qazi said her children had not taken any meals for the past four days and had also been away from school.
 “They cry and ask me to bring their Papa back… But from where I can get him back,” she said and broke down again.
 Qazi said her husband had given her 22 years to the freedom movement and had always guarded the interests of Pakistan.
 “He shed his blood for Kashmir and Pakistan, sacrificed many of his family members,” she asserted and asked: Is this the reward of his services?”
 The source, who requested he should not be named, told this correspondent that the action had terrorized the refugees.
 “They are unable to understand that why this is happening to them in a country they love the most after the Holy Places of Islam,” he said, referring to Pakistan.
 He told that another former militant, Fayaz Ahmed Mughal aka Muhammad Haris, had also been missing for the last six months due to which his family in Jammu and Kashmir was extremely worried.