Dividing a People

I always believe that Hurriyat is the platform which needs to be made credible

Er Rashid
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 19 2017 11:27PM | Updated Date: May 19 2017 11:27PM
Dividing a PeopleFile Photo

It has been a well organised policy of Indian media to divide Kashmiris by calling some as moderates and few as hardliners just to give cover to India’s indefensible stand on Kashmir. It was not strange when all TV channels started cursing Zakir Moosa, the militant commander, for calling Kashmir dispute a religious issue.

Please don’t draw the conclusion that I am defending Zakir Moosa, as I, based on my own bitter experience, could feel the feelings of resistance leadership after Zakir’s statement. Despite all reservations,  I always believe that Hurriyat is the platform which needs to be made credible, so that New Dehli is cornered. But the resistance leadership will have to shun the tradition of doubting sincerity and intentions of everyone who dares to seek genuine answers from them.

Unless resistance leadership would not stop blaming everybody except themselves, they will be  doing nothing but disservice to the movement and the day people will stop questioning Hurriyat leadership, that would be disastrous. It would be proper if Hurriyat leaders answer very few crucial questions to their people, as it may not only satisfy masses but push the harsh Indian biased media to defensive and they may not dare every times in indulging in character assassination propaganda campaign against resistance leaders. Anyway as on date there is no such instrument that could measure the level and quantum of sincerity among human beings especially politicians, but facts speak for themselves. In response to Zakir Moosa, resistance leaders deserve appreciation for confessing that leadership has wasted time by debating  for 28 long years whether Kashmir issue is a political  or religious issue, but should not forget that not only hundreds of talented armed militant commanders but scholars and renowned political workers  lost their lives fighting to prove whether J&K is a political or religious dispute. Even this battle contributed a lot in the creation of counter insurgents called Ikhwanies, and Jamait-e-Islami lost  cream of its intellectuals during the nocturnal inter outfit clashes between Hizb-ul-Mujhahideen, Al-Baraq and JKLF.

However without exaggeration the circumstances, events and evidences have proved that New Dehli has converted a political issue into a religious issue by destroying Kashmiris, only for its perception that Muslims can never be well-wishers of India. If India is fast turning a place vulnerable and unsafe for not only Muslims but lower caste Hindus, a world known scholar Dr Zakir Naik is forced to go into self exile, the universal teaching of Quran over various crucial matters including Triple Talak are dragged to courts. Muslims are being forced to surrender Babri Masjid for Ram temple, Ikhlaq, Phalu Khan and dozens are lynched for alleged beef eating, worth of Muslims is much lesser than that of cows, one can easily understand what would be the aspirations and feelings of Muslims in India.

So obviously when it comes to Kashmir,  the only Muslim majority dominated state, the majority community would be feeling more insecure and not difficult to understand that when Kashmiris seek resolution to political dispute, what New Delhi does to suppress them. If the state Government remains hostage for months together in the name of conducting Amarnath Yatra but locks Main Jamia Mosque at Srinagar citing senseless excuses, pays full fledged state tributes to killed soldiers but buries militants in remote areas even without a proper religious funeral, bans all the TV channels preaching Islamic teachings  in Kashmir,  debars majority community from cow slaughtering and reduces the strength of Muslim officers in Police and civil administration to nominal level, why should anyone not draw a conclusion that J&K is a religious issue.

Let it be clear to those who accuse some particular Militant outfits and few religious Islamic organizations of fighting for Caliphate, that Caliphate is not something that world needs to feel threatened about, as there could be no other better system to give grass roots justice to all people cutting across religious, regional or sectarian affiliations. If European countries can form European Union and use each other resources and achievements what is wrong in talking about Caliphate, a system that has given some important and universal principals of justice.

While Muslims are fundamentally fighting for their political rights in all parts of world and are still being accused of being radical, it is too painful that those killing Muslims in the name of protecting cows are not only enjoying impunity but with the help of propagandist India media they are trying to distort facts. Under such circumstances those calling Kashmir dispute a religious issue have a point to be heard.