Fashioning style: Sabinaa’s look fabulous project

I have been pretty busy with shoots last years in Delhi, with projects coming in especially of bridal ones. But now I want to focus on Kashmir and create a market for professional artist here. At present my target customers will be people living in Srinagar

Baseera Rafiqi
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 10 2017 11:11PM | Updated Date: Jan 11 2017 12:28PM
Fashioning style: Sabinaa’s look fabulous projectGK Photo

Sabinaa Shafi, 28, an aviation graduate from Batpora, aims at giving Kashmir’s makeup and fashion industry a new look and with her skill set, she has already created a buzz in the fashion circles of the Valley.

She is a makeup artist, who has created her name in the industry in Delhi and other places and is now about to launch her work in Srinagar as well. After handling clients in Delhi for over a year now she wants to shift her focus to the people of her homeland.

“Just like others it’s my dream to work in Kashmir and I want to use my expertise and help people look gorgeous on their special occasions like marriages, engagements or parties,” says Sabinaa. 

It’s a dream for every girl to look stunning on her special days in life and Sabinaa wants to make it more memorable, more colorful and unique.

She strongly believes that women in this part of the world are more beautiful and ‘need a little touch here and there, rest they are stunning’.

“We have the most beautiful looking girls here in Kashmir and they just need a little guidance from an expert on how to carry themselves and all, rest they are born beautiful,” she says.

Makeup is something, Sabinaa’s interest developed later, it was aviation which she wanted to join since childhood. 

Sabinaa wanted to fly in skied and her longing to fly high landed her in the aviation sector, and since then she has never looked back.

“I always wanted to fly and aviation was the best possible career option suiting my style and inclination so there I decided to apply for aviation as a career,” she says.

 According to her it was a very big decision for her family but their nod made her opt for aviation as studies and later a profession.

“Even to get into a cabin crew for a Kashmiri girl was seen as a miracle back then. I was selected among 2000 girls and I was into aviation when not many people thought of it as a career in Kashmir,” she says.

Coming from an open minded family career choice was never an issue; she did whatever she liked to do.

It was the aviation industry, which made her more close to fashion and make-up and style.

“I developed an interest in make-up, colours and fashion there only, and it was so easy for me to take the brush and do make-up with such neatness without any prior knowledge of the subject. It just came to me and I experimented it on friends and in return got good response”.

Looking to fly high, she travelled to almost all parts of the world and whenever he got chance to shop she went for make-up shopping.

“Aviation sector gives you enough opportunities to visit lots of new and foreign places, and I used to spend all my salary on cosmetics and accessories,”confessedSabinaa, while giggling.

After spending ten years in the aviation sector Sabinaa, decided to study make-up and went to London to do the same in order to gain an expertise in the subject.

“I wanted to learn about make-up in detail, about colours, fashion and style, so I went to the Beauty Academy of London to study make-up artistry and did a specialization in bridal make-up. It helped me increase my understanding of the subject,” she says.

She was born in Srinagar but has studied in Delhi, and has earned a graduation in BBA, a Diploma in aviation, computers and many more.

She was never that much into studies but was an excellent in extra-curricula.

Last year in 2016 she got lots of assignments in Delhi, where she worked with renowned photographers.

“I have been pretty busy with shoots last years in Delhi, with projects coming in especially of bridal ones. But now I want to focus on Kashmir and create a market for professional artist here. At present my target customers will be people living in Srinagar.”

Sabinaa says the day she advertised about her Kashmir chapter, she has received bookings for many upcoming months and customers are waiting to get their turn. 

“Believe me or not, but since I advertised about my work I have already got immense response from people, they are eagerly waiting for me.”

She believes that people here have a sense of beauty, maintenance and style and there is not much left for artists, but everyone cannot furnish that expert advice.

“Theparlour culture presently prevalent here needs to be changed, and professionals should be sought for this purpose.  But a far as I am able to assess the situation, it looks like that people are already willing to consult professionals if they are given a choice.”

While talking about her motivators she said, “I am the biggest motivator of myself; if I decide something I will do it, come what may. My passion towards my career keeps me moving.”