A great start to 2017

Finally the dry spell ends and we have something to cheer for

Gowhar Naz
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 11 2017 10:38PM | Updated Date: Jan 11 2017 10:38PM
A great start to 2017File Photo

Your and my wish has come true. I mean to say, "the charm is back". The myth 'winter will go snowless’ is broken. Forecast of 'no rains and snow' is exchanged with 'heavy snow and rains’ now. Men and machinery have been put on hight alert. Snowmen have been tasked to gear up. It is always an uphill task for them -- too early to bed, too early to rise and clear the snow before sunrise. No roads, no workloads could have been a sigh of relief to them. However, a dilapidated road is not considered a good road anymore. That may give snowmen a fair bit of liberty to penetrate and accelerate on. Why care for untarred roads? There seems no logic! Highways in Kashmir are no better than the roads in woods (a path beaten by the feet of passers, a track).

The long six month dry spell is a memory now. 2017 has come up with a blast -the snow- smile on our face - lit with grace. Today, valley is skinned, ring in snow. Shades of dark and red have faded away. But we can't contain that pain. Snow maybe a temporary feeling. But no feeling can relieve that pain. Blood stains can wash, or go dry. But the price of that spilled blood is priceless. Those cries still echo in our ears. Loss of lives is the greatest loss ever, forever. How can we forget those sacrifices. Not today, never.

Miracles happen and can happen in this part of the world (Jannat Nazir-Kashmir) as well. But for that we need to raise our self-esteem to some level. Be a person of strong moral character. Being morally strong makes you physically strong. Do not 'rest on one's laurels'. Make do and mend. Continuous effort is the key. You are just going to have to bite the bullet and make the best of it.

People are suffering. However, hope is alive. They still believe that the government will this time come up with some better plan, wholly and solely meant for sustainable development, while providing all sorts of facilities to a common man. The sooner, the better. If such planning gains them the vote bank, no issues. Ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is all that matters. Work on ground speaks, not papers biting-the-dust in fireproof safes, or long sermons given in the assembly. The current assembly session is giving a bitter taste of 2017. No politicking on blood, please! Some are raising questions like "What happened to the past probes and some are asking to probe the recent". However, you have my word 'no probe, or time-bound enquiry is sufficient to provide justice to us'. Which is often delayed and denied. I too want it to end but it won't, until I'm utterly and completely insane. I would also like to share with the tourists (local and foreign) that, "the snow is calling". Come, come, you're welcome!

(Gowhar Naz is a Student of Disaster Management at University of Kashmir & hails from Sogam Lolab)