Traffic police mantra

They catch you on an excuse just to extract money from you

Faisal Barkat Dar
Publish Date: Dec 12 2012 12:00PM

How should one react when one is being asked for bribe? Well to me it depends on an individual, he may either succumb or fight. The society we live in is not different from others. The way people in other places are often being harassed in one way or the other so are we. While driving I was stopped by traffic police before crossing the Abdullah Bridge. I was asked to come out of the car and charged for being using a cell phone. Though I had used it safely while stopping the car. Then I was asked either to pay or the papers shall be sent to the court. I was confused and for a minute I didn’t understand what they want, then I saw them moving to the other vehicle and as if a bargain was going on between them and the driver. Finally what I saw behind the car the driver handed some notes and he was allowed to go. I was also asked for the bribe which refused and ultimately my RC was seized. In the mean time I say another vehicle a Tata mobile was asked to stop behind my car and the same bargain was going on, when I say all this I really became very upset and cursed myself for living in the society where police ask for bribe in a broad daylight without any hindrance. I put up my phone and this hooligan of a policeman accused me of taking the pictures of him while bargaining with the driver of Tata mobile van. After this the police men become agitated and turned insane obviously because they were caught. Their in charge threatened me and called the mobile car lifter to take away my car.
I want to ask the concerned authorities was it genuine to lift my car? I want to ask the respectable citizens are they also being harassed like this?