Eve-teasing can be checked through better upbringing

Dr Shah Showkat responds to Dr Fiaz Fazili’s article

Greater Kashmir
Publish Date: Nov 12 2012 12:00PM
THIS is in reference to the concern shown by Dr Fiaz Fazili regarding degradation of our moral values in the We The Srinagarites column.
 Last year Mirwaiz Umar Farooq also showed his serious concern towards the growing moral degradation including eve-teasing which often makes to news headlines. But then the campaigning ended where it started.
 The human being by nature is simple and pure. And is born innocent, unblemished. Then what is the cause? What I believe is that the wrong upbringing and training at home mostly by parents and the bad company with the people of low moral standard.  Again when we analyse the ultimate cause of poor parenting, it is lack of their religious knowledge on the part of parents and their wards in this Muslim dominated society.
 There are allegations and counter allegations. So whom to blame and make responsible? It’s only parents, religious scholars and teachers in the broader aspect of analysis. But I personally believe that it really does start at home. Let’s start it at home by imparting good moral, social and religious values in our children because in absence of these vital values society is literally dead and the same is giving vent to condemnable acts like eve-teasing. Let the knowledgeable people in the civil society  like Dr Fiaz Fazili join hands to bring an end to the menace.

Dr Showkat Shah
(The ideas expressed are author’s own)