Pulwama Bloodbath

An indescribable grief that makes even the most composed hearts burst in fury

Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 16 2018 10:01PM | Updated Date: Dec 16 2018 10:01PM
Pulwama BloodbathRepresentational pic

Once again the blood-gates are thrust open. Once again we are all frozen in grief. The loss of lives, and the circumstances of loss, are all known to us. But this familiarity doesn't mean we take it as given, and look the other way. It is a deep shock, and it deserves serious response from each one of us. The responses might vary in magnitude and kind, but the reason and purpose of response are unanimous. These are our loved ones who have fallen to indiscriminate bullets. The wounds are deep and ever flowing. No  degree of blank condemnations, or empty announcements of enquiry, can cure the cut. What happened at Pulwama should open up the eyes pf those who arrogantly peddle the policies of highhandedness in Kashmir. Those who have been crying full throat, and those who have been slyly promoting repression as policy, must be put to strong censure. It is because of how Kashmir is handled for past many years that we are witnessing escalation in all kinds of violence. The fall out of this policy is what we have seen in Pulwama. The first thing that comes to surface is the dire need to change the mindset on Kashmir. Time and again well meaning analysts, politicians, even the army officers, have  spoken about the need of a political initiative to deal with the current crisis in Kashmir. This is time to listen to such voices with more seriousness, and a willingness to mend. 

The second point to be made is the conduct of the forces to deal with protesters. Kashmir is not the lone place where people come out on the streets, raise slogans, or resort to stone pelting. This happens elsewhere too. The blatant disregard of life and limb in dealing with the  protests here is too glaring to miss. It sends out some dangerous signals, that are read by the population here in black and white. Add to it the overall atmosphere of impunity – legal and political – and it becomes a fit case of reducing an entire population to the status of enemy.  There can't be anything more poisonous thrust into our bosoms. Those young boys whose blood turned the streets of Pulwama red are finally enemies. Where do we go from here! It's then a bottomless pit of violence. In Ones, twos, and dozen, we are thrust into this  endless abyss of barbarity.

This must change. Punish the guilty, and end the politics of hate and combat. 


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