Kashmir Tragedy

Rich become richer, poor poorer

Khalid Isaac
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 16 2018 10:19PM | Updated Date: Dec 16 2018 10:19PM
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Assertion of the Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik that elite class in the state has a “better standard of living than the Mughal ruler Jahangir had” needs to be pondered upon. A common Kashmiri needs to think why rich have become richer and poor poorer especially during the past thirty years of turmoil.     

“I had said somewhere that there is corruption prevalent in Kashmir. On this, a senior leader said that I am defaming Kashmiris. I then responded saying that the people who are indulging in corruption are actually defaming Kashmiris. A common man, who uses a mule to go for Amarnath yatra, does not have a sweater. On the other hand, the people in power—politics, bureaucracy or business—have a better standard of living than even the Mughal ruler Jahangir had,” Governor Malik had said while addressing a news conference in Jammu, (Greater Kashmir—Dec 13, 2018).   

The Governor Malik within a short time has realized that common people of the state have been struggling to survive, while the ones with the resources have prospered and are living a decent life. Their children are settled in outside states and foreign countries away from the chaos and confusion prevailing in the state. 

People who have ruled Jammu and Kashmir for all these years need to sit back and recall why they failed their people? Why couldn’t they help the people who had no one to fall back upon? There are many questions which the rulers have to answer.

The Governor Malik has once again hinted that “corruption is at its peak” in Jammu and Kashmir. If it’s so then the Governor Malik without wasting time should ask the investigating agencies in the state to make a list of the people who own properties and assets which are disproportionate to their sources of income. In fact the Anti Corruption Bureau can play a big role in identifying the people who during all these years have been calling the shots in the state.

Since the day Governor Malik has taken over the reins of the state he has made many observations and has issued many statements. His assertions have ruffled many people. It’s after a longtime Jammu and Kashmir has got the Governor who speaks his heart out. 

Another assertion which Governor Malik made was that Kashmir is not a “bad place” and there is no mention at the national-level about “good things” happening in Jammu and Kashmir. “The state is being demonised at the national-level,” the Governor said.  “The Jammu and Kashmir state has been demonised at the national level. Even a small incident (in the state) is blown out of proportion and not projected as it should be. The state is shown as a bad place.” (Greater Kashmir—Dec 13, 2018).

The Governor Malik has  taken the national media head on for projecting Kashmir as a “bad place” as a head of the state he has realized that media is a playing a “negative role” vis-à-vis Kashmir. The incumbent Governor is not the first ruler who has pointed out that “negative propaganda” has hurt Kashmir and its people. Prior to him former Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti during their tenures on many occasions had accused the national media of playing havoc with Kashmir. 

Omar and Mehbooba both during their tenures had also launched crusades against the corruption but these measures did not last long and “big fishes” remained untouched. If Governor Malik is really interested in launching a “war against corruption” he just has to ask the investigating agencies to reopen the files which were closed during the political regimes due to pulls and pressures.     

The Governor Malik can do a big favour to Kashmiris by revealing the reasons why rich have become richer and poor have become poorer. Why a common man finds it hard to eke out a living and the elite class is living a luxurious life? Why there is some much of difference between the denizens of the same land. The elite class is least bothered about the turmoil which Kashmir has been facing for the past thirty years while a common man is the worst victim of the turmoil. The Governor Malik should tell the people why private sector has not flourished in the Valley? How come the representatives of the people have made fortunes within just short span of time?  People of Kashmir are waiting for the answers and one hope Governor’s administration would clear the air and expose the people who have just filled their coffers during all these years.


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