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When the world outside is integrated through the Internet, why are we denied the same

Mohammad Tazeem
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 9 2018 10:24PM | Updated Date: Dec 9 2018 10:24PM
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I am writing this article with no mobile internet since the past two days. As most of the people across the world pay their mobile bills for using internet, Kashmiris pay their mobile bills as a form of pocket money to Mukesh Ambani because most of the time mobile internet is suspended over here. Internet for the rest of the world is a short form of “International Network” but in Kashmir, it means “Put your phone down”.

While most of the world is busy exploring and touching the skies, we are busy waiting for the internet restoration.

Jokes apart, let’s be honest and accept the fact that in the modern day world internet has become an inseparable part of our lives, weather it is Business or School, Office or home, games or social media. Life without internet is tough .Very tough. Internet is the prime need of the day, it is an immensely powerful resource that  provides people with access to a world of information quickly and very easily. And let’s not forget about social media. Social media allows you to share ideas, thoughts, content, information etc on your fingertips and everything is just a button press away. Social media is one of the biggest units that we live with and we just cannot close your eyes to it.

Internet has also given the business field a huge boost. Most of the official work is done online. But when access is denied, your business is closed automatically.

The frequent internet bans across the vale hurts us in all terrible ways. Businessmen who have their business only and only based online like that of the photographers, online retailers etc are distrusted heavily. For instance, your company gives you a scheme that if you manage to sell 100 products by the end of the month you will get a bonus. Almost 99% of the target is achieved by the 30th and the target is completely achieved by the 31st but “abracadabra” internet suspended and you could not upload your sales and company got no reflection of it. Thus, all the hardwork and dedication you put in for the bonus goes waste.

Or you are an employee and you have to upload your attendance online, but again there is no internet and your wages are cut. Internet has a massive role to play in a student’s life. It almost serves as a digital classroom for them. You can learn on the go. Internet has millions of books, videos, pictures and information for you just a finger touch away. 

Internet bans also make students suffer a lot . For example: you have three days left for your exams and you have to buy some books and notes and there is a strike for all the three days. The only option you have now is to study online and again, Internet suspended. And instead of appearing in the examination you roam around aimlessly waiting for the connection to be restored. 

The Supreme Court considers Right to Internet Access a basic right of every citizen yet government keeps on toying with it in the name of security and it is us who suffer.

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