What’s in a name?

Obviously nothing, but for Yogi Adityanath everything. That is why he is out to change all names that come his way.

Sabeen Beg Wani
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 13 2018 10:58PM | Updated Date: Nov 13 2018 10:58PM
What’s in a name?File Photo

Yogi Adityanath has found his political fervor. Infact it is quite easy. Change the name of places which sound supposedly slavish. That is his election mode. Allahabad, Faizabad are injurious to the health of the countrymen. This is an absolute emergency especially when elections are around the corner and the report card of the chief minister is a disaster. After all that is all he has for his credentials-anti-Muslim rhetoric.

 However, he needs to slow down his pace since it has to hold him in good stead for many more elections. So, he needs to re-hash the policy every five-years. Infact he has given Shakespeare a run for his money, who said , “What is in a name, rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But the literature students have been given a new dimension, everything is in a name, infact it smells of power, which is addictive.

So, Yogiji is interested in changing the names and not what resides in these towns-who cares about development when the janta can be hijacked emotionally. His party men sure are impressed with this ready to mix and hence easy to make political meal! Applause, applause!

So, emotionally surcharged atmosphere with a generous sprinkle of anti-Muslim dose will do the trick. He sure must be mighty pleased with himself for having pulled a rabbit out of his hat. He must be praying for the ‘gullibility’ to make his trick a success with the electorates.

He seems to have an amnesia when it comes to the concept of India, where diversity has stood like a crowning glory endearing us to the world. This has added to our uniqueness, which does not allow us to envy any other country in the world. We add to the charm of Diwali and Eid. We are united with a single dream of better lives , which can only be achieved with an agenda of developing our nation with our sweat and blood and not looking beyond it. By creating a chasm we weaken the nation and guess counts for an most unforgiving unpatriotic deed!

Makes me wonder what will such coterie do with the words like “Diwali” and “Ramzan”, where Ali and Ram have decided to change places and show their intentions rather clearly!!!!



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