Innovation Should “In No Way Shun”

What we need is a Public Private Partnership

Idrees-ul-Haq Beigh
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jul 20 2017 11:43PM | Updated Date: Jul 20 2017 11:43PM
Innovation Should “In No Way Shun”Representational Pic

Creating jobs is not easy. Foreign investments with high industrial growth, (still a distant dream for Jammu and Kashmir) could  create abundance in  jobs  but  during  present period of economic turbulence and uncertainty,  existing jobs are being eliminated and lack of economic activity has reduced the creation of new jobs. Our universities which work day and night for only imparting traditional education without taking in consideration of market changes leave youngsters  graduating with  bachelor's/ Masters degree only,  which later  can't fetch them a job. Employment is becoming more serious as high unemployment has an  impact on  the mental safety and stability of the people.

Jammu and Kashmir  has been leveraging on the philosophy of innovation since ages and Govt. should realize that sustainable internal growth from within the state  is more important than to hold a begging bowl before  Government of India. The state should start several initiatives which are  geared towards inculcating entrepreneurial behavior among Public of Jammu and Kashmir . They should encourage youngsters to become an innovators and inculcate thought process to oppose from just being  a user of innovation/innovative product or services. Factually, places  where innovations occur, there is  an impact on income levels and poverty reduction as innovation empowers the economy by increasing productivity, enhancing technological learning and creating knowledge.

Creativities are leading factors for Innovations and are rising as one of the most imperative rubrics of development. Ingenuity has to become an elementary truism in our educational system too. Our ability to innovate can only come when right from kindergarten; our kids are nurtured with creative skills. Innovation, higher education and industry need to be closely networked for maximum benefit of the society. Any innovation happening either at the grassroots level or in the higher educational institutions must be linked to the industry for commercialization of the innovation

Predominantly, Jammu and Kashmir  had been an agrarian society, and the agrarian way of life itself has spurred grassroots innovations related to agro-technologies. Farmers/peasants and people from the marginalized and informal sector have long demonstrated that the use of grassroots creativity, practices, and innovations that can assist in resurging rural economies.. The majority of Grassroots creativities are necessity-led and have the potential to enhance the social and economic well-being of marginalized and lower income members of the society. If fostered and mobilized effectively, Grassroots creativities can generate sustainable livelihood opportunities leading to rural development.

Unfortunately government has failed too, to establish a vital centre for young innovative minds for the past Twelve years. There is a dire need for establishment of a full-fledged patent facilitation centre in Jammu and Kashmir, which shall generate awareness about patents among the masses as well as process the patent applications of technology innovators from this part of the country. as the Patent Information Center is yet to be established. Instead of Wasting further time State government should come up with R&D’s  through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode  in every Government establishment, which will equip  them with high quality at  low price functions and minimize their dependency. Moreever the universities which receive funds from government should be funded on the criteria of IPR significance. To more IPR’s generating university, more Funds should be allotted.  

Looking at metropolitan states of India ; what they are this time are by their innovations and also by their inherent attitude to accept failures. If one fails in metropolitan state , he is experienced not finished. In these states, innovations are also adopting a problem-based learning approach rather than a traditional rote learning system. What we need in Jammu & Kashmir is a long term multi-faceted innovation strategy with proper felicitation Till we gradually change our mindset, & become innovators in the true sense.

MNCs Like  VH Group pune, TATA, Lockheed Martin  who continuously scout creativity and network for public and private partnerships to commercialize local ideas/ innovations with the help of FICCI, IIT’s and NIT’s etc. should be looped in for potential  innovation assessment  based on the usefulness, features ,benefits, incubations etc .

(The author is a Technology Innovator)






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