Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 17 2018 1:45AM | Updated Date: Dec 17 2018 1:45AM

Wakf board teachers seek chairman’s intervention 

We the contractual teachers/lecturers were engaged on academic arrangement basis two years ago. We helped the Muslim Wakf board to ensure smooth functioning of schools/colleges situated in various districts of Kashmir.
We have already cleared the interview exams of J&K Muslim wakf board two times continuously year after year. But unfortunately, Wakf board authorities are advertising the same posts every year and conducting the interview process for the same teachers /lecturers who have already qualified the interview two to three times continuously. It is a sort of humiliation to us that we the highly qualified and experienced contractual teachers/lecturers are forced to face interviews again and again. It is therefore requested to you that the repeated notification for the same posts be abolished.
It is also submitted that we the contractual teachers/lecturers are facing very serious problems during the harsh winter months ,as the Wakf board authorities disengage us with the the onset of winter season. We are deprived  of our salary for the three crucial months. We are unable to support our family members financially during the winters.
We requested the Wakf board  chairman to address our concerns by reconsidering our engagement on continuous basis without any winter break. 
All contractual teachers/lecturers
What is LAWDA doing?
It is a fact that the condition of Dal lake is deteriorating with each passing day. The encroachments along the green-belt so called prohibited areas are taking place day and night with the blessings of LAWDA functionaries. Whatever encouragements/constructions in the banned area of Dal and Nigeen are taking place, are in consultation and blessings of LAWDA functionaries and with their hidden permissions and understanding. A glaring example of such illegal structure is at the macadamized road leading to Tourist land (Cherry Park) at the bank of Nigeen lake along the compound wall of my residential house. Inspite orders from Div Com Kashmir, DC Srinagar, Tehsildar, Vice-Chairman LAWDA to the Enforcement Officer LAWDA to demolish the structure no action has been taken against the encroacher till date. For public consumption the LAWDA  is demolishing  some illegal  structures of poor people who are not influential while as LAWDA  is not taking any action against  the illegal  structures  raised by rich and influential persons.
Er Ali Muhammad Parray
Rtd.  Chief engineer 
 Nawab Bagh, Nigeen West
Firdous colony Eidgah reels under darkness   
We the residents of Firdous colony Eidgah want to bring it into the notice of the officials of the Power Development Department (PDD)  that we're living without electricity from the past 7 days. The transformer in our area developed a technical snag nearly week ago and since then we are waiting for it to get repaired. 
The officials were very good at depriving us from the existing transformer but terribly careless to install the new one. I wonder if we have any sensible people working in the concerned department, because if we had, they'd not have slept before fixing the problem. It looks like the people there have no understanding about the suffering of the common masses. Had they themselves been subjected to this torture, they'd have understood how it feels to live without electricity in these sub-zero temperatures. People in the colony have been forced to flee from their houses and take shelter in the homes of their relatives. The concerned department has been very good at presenting excuses and all this has delayed the installation of transformer. I wonder how long it'll take to see the electricity back in our homes.
Park in Chanapora turns into dumping ground 
We the residents of Government colony Chanapora want to bring it into the notice of the authorities that we have park in our vicinity--in front of Gurdwara-- which has now been turned into a dumping ground. We urge the concerned authorities to look into the matter and save this park. 
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