Two great doctors

Too painful memories to be forgotten

Dr Syed Muhammed Fazlullah (IAS)
Srinagar, Publish Date: Aug 27 2015 9:48PM | Updated Date: Aug 27 2015 9:48PM
Two great doctorsRepresentational Photo

Yes I too wanted to build a dream and the dream in turn would build me, I hoped. It is merely synchronization that two noble souls, two doctors, both heart specialists became my friends both elder to me in age a little, but both cronies. One is Dr.S.Jalal, and the other Dr.H.S.Rissam.

How things coincide sometimes, but both were extraordinarily intelligent, and both nobility personified. One was done to death and the other said good-bye to this inane world in his robust, health.

Both rose to the chairmanship of two exalted hospitals, both in the deemed university status. One was Director SKIMS Srinagar. And the other Director Max Hospital, Delhi. Dr.Jalal passed away in harness. Dr.Rissam passed away young and rosy in his face.

They were lovers of humanity, and were disciplinarians par-excellence. My association with Dr.Rissam was of more years than it was with Dr. Jalal but no sooner did I see him than he became cynosure of my eyes. He was filled with humanism, courtesy, exuberance and erudition. He would justify this help by telling me: “Who wants to stay here? So help should be my creed”. He, therefore, festinated to say farewell to this hideous world. 

Both the doctors were salt of the earth. One I loved, the other I loved, but both personal assets of being professors of cardiology. One’s demise sent a chill down my spine. And the others also left me in a state of shock. 

I was disparaged in my own eyes that I was clueless in their obituary. One’s departure I learned on my bed and the other’s assassination was numbing me so much that I got temporary palsy.

Dr.Rissam's younger tiger-like brother was mauled and lynched, but the doctor didn't lose courage. He returned from Saudi Arabia and served in New Delhi ESCORTS Heart Institute, APPOLO Hospital, an apex institute of treatment, cure and research. Whenever in New Delhi, I saw him in great spirits. A flamboyant doctor, a topper throughout his educational career seemed glowing with singing rosy youth, and in leisure hours (invited me with an infinite imagination of taste and literature.

He was again philanthropist and sympathetic consultant, as if panacea of all illness. My eyes feel a tearful rivulet running down when I recall.

Dr. S Jalal again a philanthropist, angel like human sympathizer would relieve his patients of pain with his soft touch. I never went to both of them, as a patient, and they declared my heart, a lion’s heart, but the suffering souls were in the Messiha’s  hands with them.

I recall as to how he even served hospitality to the riff-raff, when troubled. I had indeed adopted him as a very dear brother and a bank I would cash on the amount of help.

The state, society, humanity in general had lost Dr. Jalal and I lost him in particular. The noble soul is resting in peace, but the life’s investment of his is ablaze. The medical science is bereaved of a magnificent scientist, and same holds true with Dr.Rissam. This is a tribute by a bereaved lover of both, who feels as if both his arms are amputated.




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