CS for effective utilisation of CAMPA funds for compensatory afforestation

Chairs 17th Steering Committee meeting of State CAMPA
CS for effective utilisation of CAMPA funds for compensatory afforestation

Chief Secretary, BVR Subrahmanyam on Sunday chaired the 17th meeting of the Steering Committee of the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) here and extensively reviewed the implementation of the Annual Plan of Operations (APOs) of Forest and Wildlife Departments for the Year 2019-20 approved in January, 2019.

Sarvesh Rai, APCCF(CAMPA) made a detailed presentation onthe physical and financial achievements registered against the approved AnnualPlan of Operations (APOs) under CAMPA for the year 2019-20, according to anofficial statement.

While reviewing the contribution of CAMPA towardsconservation and restoration of Forests in the State, the Committee wasinformed that against the 13,000 ha of forest area diverted under Jammu andKashmir Forest Conservation Act for development works till date, more than 45000ha degraded forest area has been treated under CAMPA.

Chief Secretary emphasised on effective utilization of CAMPAfunds for compensatory afforestation particularly in degraded forest areas,soil moisture conservation, wildlife management, catchment area treatment andincreasing green cover outside forests areas.

Further, to promote transparency, Chief Secretary directedthe Forest Department to separately upload the coordinates/Maps of CAMPA workson the website of J&K Forest Department besides uploading the same on thewebsite of e-green watch portal of the Union Ministry of Environment, Forestand Climate Change.

The committee also reviewed the status of implementation ofthe directions issued during the 16th Steering Committee meeting of CAMPAregarding undertaking an audit of watch & ward enganged under CAMPA and inthe Forest Department and sought a compliance reports by June, 15 and June, 22,2019 respectively.

Further, in order to introduce systemic improvements andfiscal discipline, the Forest Department was asked to activate the VillageForest Committees (VFCs) by involving them in various Social Forestryactivities undertaken under CAMPA including those related to plantation,engangement of Watch & Ward and expenditure.

Regarding Monitoring of CAMPA works, the Committee wasinformed that while internal monitoring is being undertaken at various levels,the department is in the process of engaging a third party for monitoringpurposes. The Committee asked the department to complete the process of uploadingof RFP by June, 15, evaluation by July 22 and awarding of the third partymonitoring contract  by July, 31, 2019.

Further, the Committee decided that CAMPA funds shall berouted through Treasury System for which the Forest Department was asked to proposenecessary amendments, as may be required, in the relevant rules, inconsultation with the Finance department by June, 22, 2019.

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