Defunct ATMs in Kupwara give tough time to customers

Defunct ATMs in Kupwara give tough time to customers
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Kupwara: Inhabitants of Kupwara have expressed resentment against bank authorities for failing to keep the ATMs functional ahead of Eid ul Fitr, thus putting them into a lot of inconveniences.

According to locals the ATMs of banks available in the district, including Jammu and Kashmir, HDFC, Punjab National, and State Bank of India were out of service or running out of cash.

"We don't know why on every Eid, bank officials make us suffer. I have been waiting at J&K Bank's ATM since 12 noon but I am returning back with empty hands due to non-availability of cash in the ATM," said a customer from Kupwara.

Another customer said that on one side we are being told to go with the slogan of digital India, but how it is justified that we are being deprived of our own hard-earned money.

The residents said that authorities should take a strong note of this issue and make these bank officials accountable.

Meanwhile, a bank official acknowledged that for a few hours customers had to face hardships because the server was overloaded which affected the service.

He said that later things were on track again and people were rendered the services.

"Ahead of Eid people throng ATMs in a huge number, I advise them that they should visit banks or ATMs before a week to enjoy hassle-free services," he added.

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