Dir Horticulture stresses on production of high-quality planting material

Dir Horticulture stresses on production of high-quality planting material
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Srinagar, Aug 12: Director Horticulture Kashmir, G R Mir today visited Anantnag to strategically fortify horticultural practices and uncover avenues for sustainable growth within the region.

He was accompanied by Secretary Kissan Board, Subject Matter Specialist Anantnag, and the Horticulture Development Officer.

He visited the renowned Lehanwan Orchard and Fruit Plant Nursery Wailoo. Both these establishments offer compelling insights into the potential for horticultural advancement in Anantnag.

The Lehanwan Orchard, is distinguished for its sprawling Hazelnut orchard established in 1987, covering an impressive area of approximately 300 kanals, providing an exquisite setting for meaningful discussions.

This orchard is graced with an array of exotic hazelnut varieties, symbolizing the labour and expertise of local horticulturists.

 During the visit, Director engaged in insightful dialogues with the staff, offering valuable counsel on venturing into commercial cultivation and enhancing the production of high-quality planting material. Notably, the Lehanwan Orchard stands as the valley's largest hazelnut haven, making a substantial contribution to the region's horticultural legacy.

 His perceptive tour also encompassed the Fruit Plant Nursery Wailoo where he garnered firsthand knowledge of various ongoing activities, including budding and innovative techniques. The visit demonstrated his unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and efficiency across all facets of horticultural development.

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