Flipkart’s Shopsy witnesses massive growth in demand in Bandipora

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Representational Pic

Srinagar, July 19: Flipkart’s Shopsy has witnessed a massive growth in demand in Bandipora.

In a statement the company said, “ As shopping preferences of consumers in India continue to evolve amid the increasing pace of a thriving e-commerce industry, online purchase behaviour reflects a paradigm shift over the past few years. With almost everything available at consumers’ fingertips, the e-commerce industry is seeing a surge like never before. Giving insights into the growth in local businesses and sellers in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the country, Shopsy by Flipkart shares how customer purchase patterns have shifted and become more nuanced over the months.”

“With comfort clothing emerging as a priority for most in recent times, customers in Bandipora are purchasing products that majorly comprise apparel and footwear. As a result, the overall demand in Bandipora has grown by 2X, with men’s clothing being the highest contributor over the past month.

Among others, products that are recording increased growth in the city are men’s t-shirts and shoes. As a result of the accelerated traction, sellers in Bandipora have garnered a 2X growth in their sales month-on-month,” it added.

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