From Kashmir to Dubai: Inspiring Journey of Drehomes Real Estate Founder Qurat Ul Ain

The cumulative career sales of Drehomes Real Estate have exceeded an astounding 10 billion AED, a testament to the company's unrivaled success and reputation.
Qurat ul Ain
Qurat ul AinDrehomes Real Estate

Srinagar, Aug 09: In the bustling city of Dubai, where the real estate industry thrives amidst fierce competition, one name stands out as a true force to be reckoned with - Qurat Ul Ain. This extraordinary woman, hailing from the serene valley of Kashmir, has carved an inspiring path to success through sheer passion and unwavering devotion to her work.

Qurat's journey to success began at a young age when she showcased her remarkable sales skills by selling privilege cards for renowned hotels in the Middle East, including the prestigious Le Meridian Hotel Group. Her exceptional sales acumen didn't go unnoticed, and at the tender age of just 23, she was awarded the prestigious title of "Salesperson of the Year" for the entire MENA region - a testament to her innate talent and dedication.

Armed with the experience and attitude of a fast-rising sales professional, Qurat took a bold step and co-founded Drehomes Real Estate in 2007. Partnering with the equally adept Mudasir Wani, the duo set out to create a real estate agency that would redefine the industry's standards.

Over the years, Drehomes Real Estate flourished under Qurat's visionary leadership, becoming one of the most prominent and sought-after real estate companies in the UAE.

“Building an empire doesn't transpire overnight. My voyage began at Presentation Convent School in Kashmir, leading to Delhi Public School in Delhi, and eventually culminating at the University of Wollongong in Dubai, where I attained a Masters in Business Administration,” said Qurat.

She said that her educational foundation laid the groundwork for her “slow but a steady ascent.”

Qurat ul Ain and Mudasir Wani
Qurat ul Ain and Mudasir Wani

Qurat is all praises for her family, saying that their support coupled with the help of her friends played a significant role in allowing her to pursue her aspirations unabated. “Life's challenges were met with resilience, exemplifying the age-old adage of turning lemons into lemonade,” she told Greater Kashmir over phone from Dubai.

The support of Mudasir Wani, who is the CEO of Drehomes, has proved to be very productive for the company.

Wani, who is a graduate from the University of Wollongong, has completed his masters in International Banking Finance & Business. Mudasir crept into Dubai’s real estate market. Slowly but surely, he achieved what very few could have in the competitive real estate industry of Dubai, says Qurat, adding the figures speak for themselves.

The cumulative career sales of Drehomes Real Estate have exceeded an astounding 10 billion AED, a testament to the company's unrivaled success and reputation.

“The path to achievement wasn't a hasty one; it required dedication and hard work. In 2007, I and my partners embarked on founding Drehomes with a clear vision, minimal capital, and an unyielding determination. Today, Drehomes stands as a testament to our collective efforts and the relentless dedication of our employee,” says Qurat.

Yet, Qurat's achievements extend beyond the realm of business. A strong advocate of women empowerment, she has set a remarkable example for others to follow. Her motto, "If I can, you can," reverberates through her actions, inspiring countless individuals, especially the youth of Kashmir, to chase their dreams and never settle for mediocrity.

Apart from her business pursuits, Qurat is deeply passionate about nurturing and grooming entrepreneurs. She believes in providing guidance and support to aspiring business leaders, watching them flourish and grow under her mentorship.

This passion for nurturing talents has earned her a place in the hearts of those she has inspired along her journey.

“Drehomes' primary objective is to deliver unparalleled real estate services. Our approach entails meticulous care for each listing and guiding buyers and sellers through the intricate market landscape, culminating in successful sales agreements. We consistently go above and beyond to secure ideal homes for our clients, ensuring a positive buying experience. The ethos of "Service Beyond the Sale" underscores our commitment,” adds Qurat.

She said that in a world where success is often equated with gender, origin, or background, her story like other successful ventures will send a message that true success knows no boundaries. “It is a celebration of courage, passion, and determination that transcends borders and serves as an eternal source of inspiration for generations to come,” says Qurat.

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