Ghousia turns ‘HOOP ART’ into a business opportunity

Ghousia said that it had been a challenge for her, given that she had to learn from scratch.
Ghousia said that it had been a challenge for her, given that she had to learn from scratch.Special arrangement

Srinagar: Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the use of calligraphers’ abilities on Canvas. Some self-taught artists, like Ghousia Mir, are establishing their small businesses with inventive solutions, nevertheless.

The young self-taught artist, a Srinagar resident, utilises thread on fabric to produce captivating works of art, which has enabled her to launch a small company named “The hoop art by Ghousia.” The young embroiderer also creates a variety of motifs and works of art on hoops that she sells online.

Ghousia, an arts graduate, stated that she was passionate about art and desired to try new things.

“Because there are so few opportunities in Kashmir and the government jobs are so competitive, I considered honing my skills and starting an online company. Kashmir is known for its handicrafts, and Tilla’s artwork and other local artists’ works served as my inspiration for this. I used YouTube lessons and other online resources to learn because I had never had official training. I attempted to follow certain well-known artists’ lead while still trying to do things my way,” she added.

“I am making calligraphy using thread on cloth which has been liked by all my customers, and I am getting orders for the same on a daily basis. I chiselled my art with each passing, and it is finally paying off.”

“After I got enough expertise in making calligraphy and other designs using thread, I set up my Instagram page, and my close friends and family were my first customers. Later on, with the help of social media and good word of mouth, I gained more customers and tried to improve my artwork,” Ghousia said.

In addition to calligraphy using thread, the young entrepreneur is known for making floral designs, pictures of religious places, wall hangings, and even cartoon characters by using thread on hoops.

Ghousia said that it had been a challenge for her, given that she had to learn from scratch. She said that the support from friends and family kept her going despite all the odds.

She said that in a bid to enhance her skill, she keeps on participating in art exhibitions and trying to grow.

“The online platforms have helped me a lot to grow. I am delivering the orders in the shortest possible time. I have also kept cash-on-delivery options and online payments open to make it easier for customers. My delivery executives are collaborating with me and delivering my products on time which has helped me to gain the trust of my customers,” she added.

Young girls, according to Ghousia, can start small enterprises from home based on their passions and skills and create jobs as well, rather than waiting for government jobs.

“Everything is going towards working from home, and with the aid of web technologies, people may accomplish miracles. There is no stopping you as long as one maintains the quality of the work and offers clients value for their money,” she continued.

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