I am what I am - because I never over think the choices in front of me: Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani
Gautam AdaniCreative Commons/Wikimedia

Palanpur (Gujarat), Jan 8:  Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said that he “believes - I am what I am - because I never over evaluate or over think the choices in front of me”.

“I personally find this aspect the most liberating and this liberation is what makes me an entrepreneur.

“I firmly believe that India holds the potential to build a 100 Adani Groups. And there could be no better place than India to be an entrepreneur today,” he said.

Addressing an event in Palanpur where Adani recounted his journey, he said that first-generation entrepreneurs mostly start with a unique advantage - the advantage of having nothing to lose.

“This belief is their strength. In my own mind, this was liberating.

“I had no legacy to follow - but I had the opportunity to create a legacy.

“I had nothing to prove to anybody - but had an opportunity to prove to my own self that I could rise.

“I had nothing to risk by jumping into uncharted waters. I had no expectations to fulfil except those of my own.

“These beliefs became a part of me,” Adani said.

“And my first real break came in the year 1985. This happened following the general elections with Rajiv Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister of the country and liberalising the import policies,” Adani said.

“While I had no trading experience, I took advantage of the opportunity and moved swiftly to establish a trading organisation. We started importing polymers, to supply to the raw-material-deprived small-scale industries. This move laid the initial foundation of the global trading business I was soon to build,” Adani said.

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