IGC Lassipora sans waste disposal facility

‘Hazardous garbage being dumped near Rambi Ara Nallah’
IGC Lassipora sans waste disposal facility
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Pulwama: One of the largest industrial estates of Kashmir division - Industrial Growth Centre (IGC) Lassipora in south Kashmir’s Pulwama sans waste disposal facility.

In absence of a waste management plant, the garbage being generated from the IGC is being dumped near the Rambi Ara Nallah which poses health hazards to thousands of people living in the adjacent areas.

Rambi Ara is the main source of water for irrigation, drinking purposes for a vast population residing on the banks of the stream.

“Tons of wastage, garbage of the industries is being thrown into the nallah. There is no management or disposal plant in the whole industrial area for dumping the solid wastage,” official informed.

Locals complained that the garbage thrown into nallah is dangerous for human lives as well as for crop cultivation.

“The waste, garbage and the smell of the chemicals has become the biggest threat and danger for our lives, land, fields and environment but the administration is unmoved,” a delegation of Achan, Panjren, Gund Achan, Ganaipora and Petipora villages said.

“The unit holders without any check or hesitation bring the wastage full of chemicals which is harmful for humans, and throw it directly into the nallah which is the source of drinking, irrigation for a vast population,” they alleged.

Even the employees in different factories and government departments also complain of the foul smell emanating from the unattended garbage piles.

The garbage besides polluting atmosphere attracts stray dogs and hundreds of dogs remain present in the whole area posing threat to the people working in the nearby factories.

“We have no other option because there is no dumping place of any waste management here in this huge industrial estate so we are forced to to throw the wastage into the nallah” a unit holder wishing anonymity said.

The SIDCO authorities acknowledge that there was no place for dumping waste in the industrial estate. General Manager, SIDCO Kashmir, Aijaz Ahmad said “It is very sad that the waste and garbage is being dumped in the nallah. Unfortunately we have no solid waste disposal management or plant in the estate yet.”

“But we are very serious on the issue and have hired a consultant to prepare DPR for the solid waste disposal plant.”

Ahmad said he will direct unit holders to desist from throwing any kind of garbage or wastage in the water body.

The District officer of Pollution Control Board, Pulwama, Nisar Ahmad said “We have warned the unit holders not to throw any garbage in the Nallah. I will myself visit the area and check the facts. If any unit holder is found throwing the wastage into the stream, he would be served notice and action would be initiated.”

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