JKBOA holds executive meeting

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Srinagar, Dec 18: The extended executive meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank Officers’ Association (JKBOA) was held today at Srinagar.

As per the statement issued by the association, the meeting was attended by executive committee members of district bodies office bearers, office bearers and central committee members from the Association in All India J&K Bank Officers Federation and also special invitees from all over Kashmir.

“The participants deliberated upon the issues of the slow-growing economy of the country resulting in no employment generation, the unregulated concentration of wealth generation in pockets of society, continuing inflationary pressures affecting the purchasing power of the masses which was described as a result of misdirected policies of the present ruling class.”

“The impact of these policies on the country’s banking was termed as disastrous which has resulted in bringing stress on bank staff who continue to be victims of high-handed policies of the bank management coercing to achieve highly ambitious and unreasonable business targets in banking,” the statement adds.

 “The meeting concluded with the adoption of various resolutions to set its future agenda which includes calling upon the federation office to formulate a strong response against the high-handedness of Bank Management executives, synchronizing its member’s struggle with the working class of the country against exploitive policies of the ruling class under the leadership of the All India Bank Officers Association and ensuring of implementation of bilateral understandings with the management of the bank which has stood the test of time to establish industrial peace,” the statement reads.

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