P Mark Products celebrates 90 Years of excellence

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Srinagar, May 12: P Mark Products, a renowned company known for its exceptional products, recently hosted a grand celebration to commemorate its remarkable 90-year history and honour the 90th birthday of Chairman AK Puri.

The statement issued here said that the event, which brought together the close-knit P Mark family, showcased the company's unwavering commitment to excellence and its core values.

The evening commenced with a touching jyoti lit ceremony, symbolising the radiant spirit that has guided P Mark Products throughout its journey. Adding a touch of cultural elegance, the talented girls from VedMandirAmphala performed SaraswatiVandana, setting a serene and contemplative atmosphere for the festivities.

Sanjay Puri, the Managing Director of P Mark Products, delivered an inspiring speech, urging the P Mark family to reflect on the incredible 90-year journey of the company. His words emphasised the team's achievements and the determination that has made P Mark Products an industry leader.

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