Parl Standing Committee members visit Pashmkaar

Parl Standing Committee members visit Pashmkaar
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Srinagar, Sep 1: Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth & Sports along with members today visited Pashmkaar where they interacted with artisans.

A statement said that the genuine appreciation shown by the committee members, who took the time to interact with our artisans and present them with tokens of appreciation, left an indelible mark. Witnessing Chairman Vivek Thakur and the committee members' genuine fascination with the intricate artistry involved in crafting authentic pashmina was nothing short of remarkable."

"At Pashmkaar, our purpose is to safeguard and promote the rich legacy of handcrafted pashmina products that have been a part of Kashmir's heritage for over seven centuries. This visit reaffirmed our commitment to preserving this cultural treasure. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chairman Vivek Thakur and the respected committee members for gracing us with their valuable time, visiting Pashmkaar, and expressing their support for our mission. Your presence and encouragement inspire us to continue our relentless pursuit of preserving the authenticity and excellence of pashmina, a heritage that resonates deeply with the soul of India," reads a statement from Pashmkaar.

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