People hail govt decision to establish poultry estate in Tral

Government decision to establish Jammu and Kashmir’s first exclusive poultry estate in Tral was welcomed by the people here on Friday.

On Thursday government announced that it is going toestablish the first ever poultry estate of the state in Tral subdivision ofPulwama district following which locals and civil society forums expressedgratitude to the government.

“We are so delighted that government has finallyapproved a wonderful project for our area. This will create employmentopportunities and boost local economy,” said a local trader Showkat Ahmad.

Civill society Tral chairman Kar Ashfaq said that thepoultry estate is exciting project for Tral but the local people “should begiven benefits and should be absorbed in the estate”.

“No doubt the project will be overall beneficial to thepeople of Jammu and Kashmir but the local people should be given the preferencein jobs and investment,” said Kar.

A retired animal husbandry doctor Mohammad Ashraf said thatit is an amazing project but there are apprehensions regarding the pollutionin  the area which is not the case ifmodern standard technology is installed.

“There are no such environmental hazards associatedwith this project and government is already planning to form waste disposalmanagement which will leave no scop for environmental concerns. Besides thatthe latest pollution control technology will also be installed,” saidAshraf.

A local poultry unit holder said that the project willdecrease the dependency of poultry sellers on outside market. “Kashmirisare known as voracious meat eaters and every day people here consume tonnes ofchicken and mutton. Due to regular closure of national highway the dealerssuffer huge losses.  Therefore, thegovt’s local poultry estate could prove vital to meet out the demands and avoidlosses,” said Shabir Ahmad a poultry unit holder.

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