PM to launch Gati Shakti master plan on Oct 13

PM to launch Gati Shakti master plan on Oct 13
File photo of ModiANI

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil on October 13 PM GatiShakti - National Master Plan for multi-modal connectivity to economic zones, a digital platform which will bring 16 ministries including rail and roadways together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects, a top government official said on Monday.

The official said the 16 ministries/departments have put all these projects in GIS mode, which are to be completed by 2024-25, at the platform.

The platform will provide high resolution satellite images, infrastructure, utilities, administrative boundaries, land and logistics.

“Gati Shakti will be a National Infrastructure Master Plan for our country which will lay the foundation of holistic infrastructure. Right now, there is no coordination between our means of transport. Gati Shakti will break the silos and will remove all these obstacles,” the official added.

It would help in increasing productivity of industry, support local manufacturers, enhance competitiveness of industry and also help in developing new possibilities for the creation of future economic zones.

It has been prepared depicting economic zones and the infrastructure linkages required to support them that can ensure the seamless movement of goods, besides integrating the planning and designing of projects with a common and holistic vision.

“It will resolve issues of disjointed planning, lack of standardisation, issues of clearances and timely creation and optimal utilisation of capacities. It seeks to use latest technologies like a Geographic Information System base Enterprise Resource Planning with over 200 layers of evidence-based decision making, planning tools for route planning, dashboard based periodic monitoring and use for latest satellite imagery,” the official added.

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