SBI Life Insurance designs insurance solution for guaranteed income

SBI Life Insurance designs insurance solution for guaranteed income
Image source: Flickr/Creative Commons/ Pictures of Money

Srinagar, July 18: SBI Life Insurance has designed an insurance solution, SBI Life-Smart Platina Plus, that provides regular guaranteed income (savings) to supplement one’s finances and achieve big moments. The plan also offers financial protection to the family during the policy term through a life insurance cover.

“Life is all about creating memorable experiences. Your passion, your family, their dreams, all play a big role in creating these experiences. The dream vacations, the car upgrades, the second home, progressing lifestyle, chasing your passion without inhibition, empowering your Childs’ dreams, active contribution to the society etc. are the big life moments we all live for,” the company said.

“The level of uncertainty around us, however has made us realize the importance of having a strong financial security net,an assurance of a regular guaranteed income to supplement our finances at any given point in time so that these moments are never compromised and become a reality,” it added.

“Basis your preferred premium payment term you can choose the desired payout period as per life’s key milestones. These regular payouts can be availed through two income plan options - Guaranteed Income & Life Income. So with SBI Life- Smart Platina Plus you can guarantee financial independence of your family or provide for your Child’s higher education or follow your passion and maintain your lifestyle post retirement.”

“This unique plan comes with a limited premium payment option of 7, 8 and 10 years. In both the plan options, you will receive the guaranteed income for the payout period opted by you after the end of the premium payment term plus one year as survival benefit. In addition to the above in Guaranteed Income plan option, in case of any unfortunate event of death, your nominee will get the guaranteed income for the remaining pay out period”.

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