Shweta turns ‘event’ ful entrepreneur

Shweta turns ‘event’ ful entrepreneur
This recognition by the family and her friends during the functions organized with small gatherings gradually brought positive changes in her life.Special arrangement

Jammu: One may be surprised by the twist in the life of a housewife in Jammu’s Shakti Nagar who was spending a normal life caring for her family members and grooming her children.

One day her family members and friends recognised her skills in planning events and preparing art and crafts items for birthday parties.

This recognition by the family and her friends during the functions organized with small gatherings gradually brought positive changes in her life.

The journey of Shweta Aggarwal’s life after her marriage at Shakti Nagar is full of encouragement and motivation for the people who avoid taking the first step in their life which is often difficult.

She married Siddharth Aggarwal who runs a successful business in Jammu and he was among those persons who helped her to grow.

Shweta completed higher secondary level schooling in Delhi and then joined a diploma in fashion design from her native area in the capital city. When she married in Jammu, she recalls that her focus was to care for the family and groom the children.

“I never thought of doing any business. I was just planning about the future of my kids and the focus was on their education,” she says.

It was a gradual change in life when some of her family members and friends noted her skills in making gift packing with art and craft and organising birthdays in a planned manner which attracted them.

It was this trigger that motivated her to try her hand at art and craft teaching following which she organized several workshops for the children.

“In my first workshop, 20 children participated and I trained them in art and craft items and it was a very successful event and then, I used to take classes every Saturday,” she recalls while explaining how things changed with the passage of time although she had no plans to follow what she was interested in.

“Within no time the things grew up and a new business started spreading its roots. I am extremely busy with the work to complete the orders. The number of orders increased following after I organized several events and they were widely appreciated,” she says and explains that she plans events for birthday parties, mehndi functions, houses, warming and kitty parties.

She also deals in all types of packing trousseau, baby showers, and crafting products.

“The business has grown up with the passage of time and when I look back it surprises me with the level of success I have achieved with the motivation of well-wishers and family members,” she says.

She says that “As a mother, I manage the home as well as the business from home. I have established an office in my house and from there I get orders and prepare them accordingly.”

“People who have something in mind to follow must take the first step since motivation and hard work always lead one towards success.”

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