‘Simplify process of obtaining pollution clearances for industrial sector in J&K’

PHDCCI Kashmir delegation meets Chairman PCC
‘Simplify process of obtaining pollution clearances for industrial sector in J&K’
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Srinagar, Aug 30: PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry Kashmir delegation held a productive meeting with the Chairman of Pollution Control Committee J&K, Vasu Yadav.

A statement said that a delegation from PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry Kashmir headed by its Co-Chair, Javaid Anim, and accompanied by Bilal Kawoosa, Himayu Wani, Er Syed Pervaiz Qalander and Deputy Director Iqbal Fayaz Jan recently held a detailed meeting with the Chairman of the J&K Pollution Control Committee Vasu Yadav.

The purpose of the meeting was to address the various challenges faced by the industry in obtaining pollution clearances and renewals. During the meeting, the PHD Chamber delegation brought to the attention of the Chairman the numerous issues that industries encounter during the process of obtaining pollution clearances. The delegation highlighted the importance of streamlining and simplifying this crucial aspect for the smooth operation of businesses, the statement said.

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry commended the Chairman for the one-spot decision to conduct annual awareness workshops. These workshops aim to sensitize stakeholders about the online services provided by the Pollution Control Committee for establishing industries. This proactive approach by the Chairman is expected to enhance awareness and understanding of the available resources and services.

Furthermore, the PHD Chamber has been asked to submit a comprehensive list of industries or activities that should be included in the White category. This collaborative effort between the PHD Chamber and the Chairman's office demonstrates a commitment to finding practical solutions that cater to the needs of the industry.

The Chamber expressed its satisfaction with the Chairman's initiative to take holistic reforms in addressing the challenges faced by industries. As part of this effort, it was decided to streamline the timelines for each service provided by the Pollution Control Committee. Once these timelines are met, the services will be deemed approved, eliminating unnecessary delays and providing greater efficiency to businesses towards ease of doing business.

During the meeting, the Chairman patiently listened to the concerns raised by the PHD Chamber delegation. Assuring them of prompt action, the Chairman expressed a strong commitment to resolving these issues. Furthermore, he provided his communication details to the PHD Chamber, encouraging direct communication to address any bottlenecks. This collaborative approach emphasizes the Chairman's dedication to facilitating ease of doing business and reducing human interface.

The PHD Chamber delegation left the meeting with a positive outlook, confident that the Chairman's assurance and commitment will lead to tangible improvements in the industry's experience of obtaining pollution clearances and renewals, the statement said.

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