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Srinagar, Mar 21: Solitairian City group customer meet was held in Srinagar today which was attended by Arjun Preet Singh, Managing Director Solitairian City, Azad Lone, Business Head of the Group, Arshid Bashir Akhoon, Vice President, and Shadab Amin, Vice President of the company.

As per the statement, the event was organised to connect with the customers and understand their requirements and feedback to improve the services provided by the company.

The customer meeting was well attended by a large number of customers from various parts of the city. During the event, the top officials of the company interacted with the customers and addressed their queries and concerns. They also gave a brief overview of the company’s performance and plans.

Arjun Preet Singh, the Managing Director of the company, stated, “We are committed to providing the best services to our customers and are continuously working towards improving our offerings. The customer meet is a great platform for us to directly connect with our customers and understand their needs and expectations.”

 Azad Lone, Business Head of the Group said, “We value our customers’ feedback and take it seriously to improve our services. The customer meet is an excellent opportunity for us to listen to our customers and work towards making their experience better.”

Arshid Bashir Akhoon and Shadab Amin, Vice Presidents of the company, also shared their views on the importance of customer feedback and the company’s commitment to delivering the best services.

“Overall, the customer meet was a huge success, and the customers appreciated the efforts made by the company to connect with them. The event was a great platform for the company to understand the customers’ requirements and feedback and work towards delivering better services in the future.”

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