‘Trout on Wheels’ to promote Kashmir’s Trout fish

‘Trout on Wheels’ to promote Kashmir’s Trout fish

Amid COVID19 pandemic and overall slump in economy, three entrepreneurs have commenced to promote and sell Trout fish by delivering it at home.

Habib Khankash, Maqsood Badyari and Aaqib Mushtaq started the small scale business which can promote Kashmir products and also provide youth with jobs.

"I noticed youth with MBAs, BBAs and other degrees sitting idle. Since I live in the Nehru Park area which is close to the Fisheries Department, I thought why not do something to promote Trout fish. Here in Kashmir we have no home delivery of Trout fish on a large scale on commercial model so I though why not go for it," said Habib Khankash.

"We got in touch with administration including Divisional commissioner Kashmir and Director fisheries who appreciated the idea and provided all the possible help," he said.

The trio finally launched "Trout on wheels" on Friday after completing all the paperwork and roped in seven vehicles with inbuilt freezers for the delivery of Trout fish. "This is a cooperative based initiative where we will procure fish from the Fisheries department and other farmers. Currently we have employed around two dozen youth and as it picks up we will add more workforce," they said.

Maqsood, who is Marketing head, said that they want to expand to other districts soon. "We are in process to launch a website where one can order trout fish with a single click. We want to promote our trout fish, generate employment and serve fresh fish to every home. I'm a hotel management graduate and was associated with tour and travel business but since the lockdown we are out of business and so are other youth. Through our initiative we wanted to provide jobs and also promote Trout fish which has great health benefit," Badyari said.

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