'World’s 1st Pashmina Transparency Framework launched by Pashmina Goat Project'

'World’s 1st Pashmina Transparency Framework launched by Pashmina Goat Project'
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New Delhi, Sep 8: Pashmina Goat Project, a pioneering brand name in the world of sustainable fashion announced the launch of its innovative “Pashmina Transparency Framework”.

A statement said that this groundbreaking framework is set to transform the way the real pashmina industry operates by ensuring complete transparency from the beginning to the end of every real Pashmina shawl production cycle within the pashmina ecosystem.

Dr Babar Afzal (Founder) and Dr Henna Ajnum (Co-Founder) shared that traditionally known for its luxurious softness and timeless appeal, pashmina wool has long been a sought-after material in the fashion industry. However, concerns about ethical sourcing, authenticity, and sustainability have challenged the industry's practices.

"The Framework that the startup had developed aims to address these challenges head-on by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Web 3.0 to create an unprecedented level of transparency and traceability," reads the statement.

Dr Babar Afzal, (a former McKinsey Analyst and a Silicon Valley Techie) the Founder and CEO of Pashmina Goat Project and the Tech Lead for this groundbreaking framework, has been profiled by TIME Magazine, BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg for his transition from a Silicon Valley Techie to becoming a Pashmina Goat Shepherd and the only Sustainable Luxury Pashmina Advocate in the world.

 He expressed his enthusiasm for the project and stated "Our Technology Development Transparency Framework is a pivotal step toward ensuring that the pashmina industry aligns with modern values and trends of transparency and sustainability."

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