78 employees found absent in Kishtwar, DC orders withholding of salary

78 employees found absent in Kishtwar, DC orders withholding of salary

Deputy Commissioner, Kishtwar on Thursday ordered withholding of the salary of 78 government officials of the district for remaining absent for the duty.

The order issued by DC reads ," Whereas on 15/05/2019as per the directions issued by DC a surprise inspection of various GovernmentOffices/Schools was conducted by Tehsildars /Naib Tehsildars it has come intothe reports that various employees have been found to be unauthorisedly absentfrom duties."

The order further says that no proper procedure is beingfollowed by the heads of the offices and leave application of maternity, childcare et al are being accepted without being on prescribed forms and sanctionedin a very casual manner on written applications without any Official SanctionNo/Date.

The DC has also said that employees leave theiroffices/Schools without any proper relieving from their Head of theOffice/Institution and whereabouts of these employees are doubtful forinspecting officers.

While acting tough against the erring employees to curb themenace of absenteeism in the Govt. Institutions, DC Kishtwar withheld thesalary of the 78 government employees of different departments and offices ofthe district.

The concerned district officers have been designated asenquiry officer who shall conduct an in-depth enquiry into the matter.

The Enquiry Officer shall submit the factual report to theoffice of DC by or before May 25.

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