Live electric wires on wooden poles, trees pose danger

Live electric wires on wooden poles, trees pose danger
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The residents of Ramban district expressed concern over low hanging live electric wires on wooden poles and trees and accused the Power Development department of showcasing "callous approach" and "throwing norms to wind".

They said, "In the town areas as well as far flung areas,live electric wires hang less than 8 feet from the ground. At many places,these wires are attached to wooden poles or trees. It seems that the PowerDevelopment department is inviting trouble. As if they (PDD) want people to beelectrocuted."

"Not only the low tension wires, but high tension wires arealso hanging close to the ground. A moment of carelessness and anyone can beelectrocuted," they claimed.

They also claimed to have asked the concerned department tointervene before an untoward incident takes places, "but nothing has been doneyet".

They urged the Governor to personally look into the issueand issue orders to the concerned department at an earliest.

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